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Weekend Breaks to Malibu

Planning a short break to Malibu? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Malibu. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Malibu. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Malibu Film Festival

Held in September each year, the film festival not only screens local and international film premieres, but local D.J's host parties, there is a fashion show on opening night and dinners and live entertainment after the screenings, every night.

At the end of the Festival, there is an Awards evening with dinner, entertainment and a huge party to keep people going until the following year.

For more info on what is been screened and when, visit


With 27 miles of broad, sun-baked beaches, hidden coves, tidal pools and world class waves, Southern Californa's most famous beaches have something for everyone. The best surfing spot is at Surfrider beach, next to Malibu Pier, but is only for serious surfers with orderly, machine perfect waves. The best all around beach is what the locals call simply, "Zuma". It has the finest white sand 2 miles long, but the surf can be abit rough. The Santa Monica beach is the broadest beach on the coast and with clean sand and great views, families, teens, singles and guys with metal detectors come here.

Malibu lagoon

22 acres of wetlands, flower gardens and sandy beaches, all situated in a 169 acre state park. The lagoon is a great place for bird watching, especially the migratory models that stop to rest in spring and fall en route to Alaska. The brackish wetlands are fed by the Malibu creek and it is enough to support a small fishery and ecosystem of tiny creatures that attract the hungry birds. A little west of the park, lies the multi-million dollar homes of the film stars, who started to come here to their hideaways from as early as 1928.

Adamson House

23200 Pacific Coast Hwy. A national historic site, this lovely 1929 Moorish - Spanish Colonial Revival house showcases the lavish use of tiles produced by the Malibu potteries between 1926 -32. Its main attraction is the 20ft.long tile replica of a Persian rug. The pool, fountains and walkways throughout the 13 acre beachfront grounds are also decorated with ceramic tiles.

J. Paul Getty Museum (now Villa)

17985 Pacific Coast Hwy. This is home to an extensive, permanent collection of Greek and Roman antiquities rehoused in a recreated 1st Century country villa with interior and exterior gardens. John Paul Getty is buried somewhere in the garden and it is rumoured that his spirit walks around at night.

Pepperdine University

24255 Pacific Coast Hwy. Founded in 1937, this independent, medium sized university has a school of law, college of arts, sciences and letters, a cultural arts centre and the Weisman Museum of Art. The 830 acre campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean and time spent walking around the campus will not only show you many beautiful buildings to admire, but the view is even more breathtaking.

Leo Carrillo Park

Part of the El Pesador Pocket beach tidal pools, the park is the best place to see grunion running, a slippery, silver fish that comes ashore at night to spawn after full or new moon during the months of March - August. You can also admire seahorses, starfish and fronded sea palms. The access points are sometimes hidden, but look for the small brown signs with white lettering and stay on the wet sand area.

Malibu Chart House

18412 Pacific Coast Hwy. Open every night for dinner and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, Chart House is not only a great place to eat, but features magnificent sunset views of Topanga Point and Santa Monica Bay. While you relax with a drink on the heated outdoor patio, you may just get dolphins, seals and whales come and play.

Malibu lagoon Museum

23200 Pacific Coast Hwy. Next to Adamson House, this collection of artefacts, photographs and documents depicts history from the early Chumash Indians to the Spanish Californa era. Visitors can relive the genteel and romantic rowing days of the 1930's, learn about the 50-room Castle on the hill, the 17yr old legal battle over a Malibu highway, the Malibu movie colony, Malibu railroad, dam and more attractions in the history of Malibu.

Santa Monica Recreation Area

Rising above Los Angeles, widening to meet the curve of Santa Monica bay and reaching their highest peaks facing the ocean, the Santa Monica mountains form a multi-facted landscape.

The recreation area was created to protect the natural and cultural resources of this mountain range and with its Meditternean eco-system, contains a wide variety of plants and wildlife. It also shows off its interesting and diverse cultural history which began with the Chumash and Tongua people.

Hiking, biking, horse riding, bird and whale watching, swimming, surfing, nature walks, stargazing and camping are some of the many activities to do in the recreation park.

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