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Planning a short break to Zermatt? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Zermatt. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Zermatt. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Matterhorn Klein

This is one of the highest sightseeing points in Europe that gives you views of the Matterhorn peak which at 4 478 m is the most famous in Switzerland. The permanent snow in the area (with a little help from snow making machines) guarantees skiers 2 200 m of vertical drops no matter what the snowfall and thus has them flocking to the area in droves.

Lifts can carry skiers up to an elevation of 3 620 m and these cable cars are the highest in Europe. The lift installations in the area as a whole carry as many as 50 000 skiers per hour which guarantees Zermatt's reputation as one of the best skiing venues in the world.

The land around this peak is also perfect walking country with numerous trails starting from Zermatt.


This is one of the ski areas in Zermatt and off course another of the vantage points in which to view the popular Matterhorn, often described as one of the wonders of the world. A cable car from the south end of the village heads to the Schwartzsee where one of the sites is a black lake. It has a variety of cross country and hiking trails.


This is one of the best vantage points in Zermatt and getting there turns out to be a pleasant train journey To get there you take Switzerland's highest open air train, the Gonergratbahn, which leaves every thirty minutes from the station in Zermatt. experience in with the wonderful views that you get of the mountains and glaciers below.

The 9 km line stops at the summit station of Gonergrat which is 3 130 m above sea level and passengers pour into observation terraces to the view the Matterhorn, the most picturesque peak in the mountain ranges, as well as other peaks and glaciers.

Visit www.bergbanen.ch

Zermatt Village

The town is a pedestrian free zone to keep it as alpine fresh as possible and so what you get are horse drawn carriages and electrical buggies dodging pedestrians for space in the streets. If traveling by car to the resort you have to leave the vehicle in the parking lot at Tasch and then catch a train to Zermatt.

It was after Edward Whymper's conquest of the Matterhorn in 1865 that put Zermatt on the map. Four members of the group on that trip died after a mishap on what was then a dangerous trip into the unknown. Now, over 100 years later, at least 140 enthusiastic climbers with their state of the art equipment and ropes climb the mountain daily although you must be physically strong to tackle it.

The main street, Bahnhofstrasse bustles all day and is lined with cafes and restaurants. It is a destination of the international jet set which does tend to make the prices steep. There are guided tours of the village with experienced guides.

Please visit www.zermatt.ch for mpre info

Alpine Museum

This museum will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who want to compare notes with explorers like Charles Whymper who first conquered the nearby Matterhorn range in the late 1800s and who is widely documented in the museum. Others may be interested in climbing memorabilia that are abundant.

There is a made to scale model of the Matterhorn mountains and surrounds. Generally, you will get an overall picture of life on the Alps where, for example, there is an exhibit of a fully equipped farm kitchen as it would have been in 1720 at a local farm house.

Cresta Run

This is an ice run where riders in toboggans race head first down winding steep gulleys of ice to the village of Celerina. It is quite a scary descent at high speeds which is what has made the run one of winter sport's legendary challenges. The first run was first done in 1885, starts in December through to march. While watching is enough for most, those brave enough to try it have to take lessons first.

Glacier Palace

Below the perpetual ice of Klein Matterhorn, which is one of the highest points in the Swiss mountains, is this world that is made up of ice consisting of ice sculptures. You can also see an exhibition on glaciers and there is lots of information about the geology of the region.

View details at www.bergbanen.ch

Gravity Park

This is the biggest snow park in Europe. Others put it another way by saying that it is the best free style park in Europe.


For a day of dizzy heights, take the "Sunnegga express" the underground funicular which takes three minutes to lift visitors 701 m to the Sunnegga sun terrace. From there, an aerial cableway carries you to the Blauherd, 2 5599 m, where a further car takes you to the Utterothorn 3 099 m.


This the sight of the "bump bash" every Easter that brigs the best of European skiers to this difficult trail of locations between 3 400 m and 2 7 000 m.

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