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Weekend Breaks to St. Moritz

Planning a short break to St. Moritz? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in St. Moritz. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to St. Moritz. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Engadine Valley

The whole area is one of plush resorts and unspoilt villages of which St Moritz is one. St Moritz has 350 km of downhill ski runs, mostly difficult to medium and therefore requiring some level of skill. St Moritz is located on the banks of Lake St Moritz and when the lake is frozen in winter golf is one of the games that are played on the lake.

Close by are the Davos/Kloster region which has further ski runs including one of the hardest in the world, the Gotschnawang.

The Glacier Express

This train plies one of Switzerland's most scenic routes that connects St Moritz to Zermatt. It takes seven and a half hours to cover the 290 km because of all the twists and turns through the mountainous terrain but that's hardly on most people's minds as they concentrate on the scenery.

In this short distance, 291 bridges and 91 tunnels are crossed which also gives you a sense of appreciation for the marvels of engineering that make the journey possible through such difficult terrain. The train's dining car has drinking glasses specially designed for the trip - they have sloping bases to minimise spills.

Olympic Bob Run

In 1890/91 the first bobsled races were held on the road between St Moritz and Celerina and that tradition has carried on. The present day run follows roughly the same course and is the only one of its kind in the world. You can watch the races for 5 Swiss Francs or you can tear down yourself provided you ride behind an experienced pilot.

Engadine Museum

The outside appearance of the museum is a typical example of a home done up with sgraffitti, the decorative etching technique that is common to the area. That provides clues as to what to expect inside the museum. What you see are displays of furniture, tools, pottery and other bits and pieces that are indigenous to the area and the old way of life. The museum was built in 1905.

Segantum Museum

This museum showcases the works of Giovanni Segantini, a 14th century artist who is considered the most definitive painter of Alpine life.

St Moritz Bad

This is a spa complex that takes advantage of the local mineral springs which have been known for hundred of years. The water is said to be rich in iron and carbonic acid besides other properties that are said to give them curative powers. Perhaps you could try the mud and carbon dioxide mineral water baths.

There are buses that run between the complex, which is located around Lake St Moritz, and the town (St Moritz).

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To reach this 3 130 m mountain peak you ride on the Gornergratbahn, the highest open rail system in Europe. Its combines the purpose of transporting skiers and that of being an excursion for those who simply want to take in the elevated heights. The train first opened for business in 1898.

The railway line is only 9 km long and when you reach Gornergrat, passengers pour into the observation terraces to view the peaks like Matterhorn and Monte Rosa and glaciers. As a matter of interest, a youthful Winston Churchill is said to have conquered Monte Rosa in 1894. It almost goes without saying that you need to wear warm clothes, sturdy shoes on this trip.

Cresta Run

This is another of those adrenaline rush activities that seem to be common in St Moritz. Riders on metal toboggans rush head first down a winding channel of ice from St Moritz to Celerina accelerating to as much as 90 km per hour. Spectators can watch the runs every morning from the paths along the run.

If you want to have a go you can do so by getting a temporary membership of the St Moritz Tobogganing Club. The run, unfortunately, is not open to women.


This day hike from St Moritz will help you get a perspective of things from the ground and not just the elevated views of the mountains. The hike takes you past the Olympic Ski Jump to towering glaciers and narrow Alpine valley to Hahnensee, an Alpine lake. The trail then snakes along another valley, Roseg, to Potresina. The walking distance is 6 hrs

Snow and Symphony Music Festival

This is held for 10 days each year in early spring. Prize winning and classical musicians give concerts held in leading hotels and on mountain tops.

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