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Weekend Breaks to Geneva

Planning a short break to Geneva? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Geneva. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Geneva. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Clock Museum

On rue de Malagnon is a representation of one of the things that Switzerland is known for - watches. Swiss watches, like Swiss chocolates, own their reputation to the relentless Swiss pursuit of quality.

Geneva is the clock capital of the world and at this venue you will unusual time pieces like an elephant that wriggles its ears and off course early time pieces like sand timers and sun dials.

Vielle Ville

This is the old part of Geneva that is awash with historical buildings that include the ruins of a Roman sanctuary, a 4th century basilica, art galleries and a fountain covered with flowers. Grande Rue is the main thoroughfare where you will find lots of second hand bookshops and antique shops.

Maison Tavel

This house, one of the oldest in Geneva's, contains the town's museum. On rue Puits-St Pierre 6, it traces the development of the city from 1334 to the 19th century. Exhibits include a model of the town in 1850.

Hotel Ville

This building has had an impact on world history. The first Geneva Convention, which governs conduct during war, was signed in the building's Alabama Room in 1864. The League of Nations, the forerunner to the United Nations had its first assembly here in 1926.

International Red Cross Museum

This is a very emotionally involving, if not sobering place to visit as much of the exhibits portray the grim face of war. The experiences of those who faced the brunt of it during the first and second world wars are graphically told as well as more recent events such as the genocide that took place in Rwanda.

Geneva is the world centre of diplomacy and while many international organisations are based in the city, the International Red Cross, which was the world's first humanitarian organisation, seems to be the one more approachable ones. Located on av. de la Paix 17 visitors are also kept up to date with the work taking place today.

Baur Collection

This is a collection of Far Eastern art that is located in a tranquil townhouse at 8 rue Munier Romilly. There are many private collections in Switzerland and this is one of them, assembled by Alfred Baur, one of the best known. here are delicate jades, stoneware tea services, rose and celadon porcelains from China, spanning as many as 10 centuries.

Jardin Anglais

This English garden dates back to to 1854. The attraction in the park, however, is the clock decorated with 6 5 00 flowers which was installed in 1955 as a tribute to watch making in Swizerland. The clock is the largest in the world with a diameter of 5 m and a cirumference of 17.7 m.

Botanical Garden

The garden is a legacy from the 19th century. On the garden side includes a rose garden, Alpine rock houses and an area dedicated to scent and touch. Wildlife lovers will be happy with the aviary and deer park.

Flower Watch

This is udoubtedly Geneva's most photographed monument built in 1955 to remind everyone that the town is the birth place of the famous Swiss watches and clocks.

St Peter's Cathedral

Construction started in 1160 and lasted 150 years by which time the Romanesque structure had acquired Gothic overtones. John Calvin preached in this church between 1536 and 1564.

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