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Weekend Breaks to Stockholm

Planning a short break to Stockholm? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Stockholm. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Stockholm. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Kaknas TV-Tower

Ladugardsgardet on Norra Djurgarden, Stockholm. At 500 feet and with 34 stories this is the tallest building in Northern Europe. From this tower you will get one of the best views of Stockholm, as well as being able to see for a distance of about 36 miles, if the weather is good. The tower not only has a splendid view but also has an excellent restaurant and gift shop. You can also rent a set of headphones which will describe all that you see from the tower. Also to be found here is a hologram gallery which presents about 50 pictures. Not only is the tower worth a visit but also the surrounding area such as ‘Ekoparken’, the first national urban park in the world. The tower can be reached by taking the no 69 bus from Sergels Torg.


This popular park once served as a kitchen garden for the royal court during the Middle Ages. In 1866 the first Swedish arts and industry exhibition was held in the park. This is also the place of the “battle of the elms”; the elm trees were destined to be felled to make way for an underground station, but due to major pressure they were spared and the underground was constructed a short distance away. In 1998 the section in the north of the park was given a facelift. The visitor to the park will find an open-air stage, several restaurants and cafes, statues of Karl XIII and Karl XII and in winter a skating rink.

The Royal Palace

in 1697 the original palace Tre Kronor was destroyed by fire and the Royal Palace of today was built on its remains. It was eventually completed in 1754 and is one of the most notable Baroque buildings in northern Europe. The palace is unique in that it is a museum plus a functioning royal palace. Each year the King opens another room for public viewing. You will be able to visit the Reception Rooms with their splendid interiors dating back from the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Hall of State you will be able to see the silver throne of Queen Christina, as well as the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry. There is plenty for the visitor to see in the Palace including the Treasury and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities. The nearest underground to the Palace is Gamla stan or take bus nos: 3, 43, 46, 55, 59 or 76.

The palace is open from Sept- April from 12noon – 3pm Tue-Sun and May – Aug daily from 10am – 4pm.

Tranan’s Bar

This very popular bar has music to suit everyone from laid back black soul and R&B to up-beat dance tracks. These are all delivered by the hottest DJ’s in Stockholm. The bar has hosted such well-known names as Tom Waits, Lloyd Cole, Lyle Lovett, Digital Underground and Craig David. Tranan’s have even thought of the home-bartender and have published a very satisfying drink book.

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Operakallaren Restaurant

Operahuset, Karl XII:s tog, Stockholm. This restaurant originally opened its doors in 1787, however due to its popularity it became too small and in 1895 a larger Opera house was built in the Baroque style. In 1961 the main building was restored which has resulted in a first class restaurant. The complex is of the highest international standards and caters for all tastes, but is also a temple for gourmets. In the building the visitor will find not one but four restaurants; the Main Dining Room (which is considered to be the most beautiful in Sweden), Cafe Opera, the Opera Bar and the “Hip Pocket”, there are also two facilities for banquets; the Opera Terrace and Entresol. The Chef and his team will provide the diner with cuisine that will tempt even the most selective palate. The wine list offers a huge selection of the best wines from around the world. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit, if only to see the early 19th century interior and beautifully carved oak wall.


Grona Lund

The name Grona Lund means “green grove” and this park started out as a leafy garden, but since 1883 it has been an amusement park. It is located on the island of Djurgarden and can be reached by either bus or ferry. Take the no 44 or 47 Djurgarden bus or the Djurgard ferry. This is one of Sweden’s most popular attractions and children will love it. There is something for both young and old. The Jetline roller coaster, The Power Tower or ‘Extreme’ the giant windmill will appeal to children as will the funhouse, ghost-house and dodgem cars. For the visitor whose interests are more on the calmer side there is a large variety of concerts. There are eight restaurants and 25 attractions in the park, so there will definitely be something for everyone’s taste. The park is open from May-September.


Right in the heart of Stockholm you can try kayaking on the fast flowing waters between the Royal Palace and Royal Opera. Everything is accessible by walking in Stockholm or you could play a game of boule in the park. For the more adventurous there is parachuting, climbing and boot-camp. For the avid fisherman you could try your hand at fishing, since this sport has been allowed since 1436 in Stockholm itself.

The Grand Hotel

S. Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm. This hotel built in 1874 is a jewel in Stockholm and definitely for the elite. It is situated on the quay side facing the Royal Palace and has a truly majestic façade; it is considered the best in Sweden and the finest in Scandinavia. The influence of the Rococo and Jugend styles are still predominant, although it has been modernised to suit the times. As you enter the hotel you will be met with old fashion elegance and style with gold ornamentation still on the walls and the original chandeliers. The Grand Hotel has been able to create a distinctive blend of antique and modern decor. This hotel is definitely worth a visit just to see the beauty and elegance of a time long gone. The hotel is centrally located and within easy walking distance from most areas in the city.


This festival is celebrated on the weekend closest to 24th June, which marks the longest day of the year. Although a lot of the locals leave the city for the countryside or the archipelago during this time, there is, however quite a lot to do for those who remain in the city. At Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum, the Midsummer celebrations are commemorated with Swedish music, dancing and games and most participants wear traditional costumes with flower garlands in their hair. Midsummer is a time for outdoors and dancing around the maypole which is decorated with flowers, leaves and green boughs. The maypole is usually raised in a meadow and once it is up the party begins. There is one folk tradition that is still performed today and that is for unmarried girls to pick seven different flowers during the night and to put them under their pillow when they retire. Tradition has it that they will dream of their future husband.


37 Hamngatan, Stockholm. This large shopping centre is located in the city centre and is within easy walking distance from most places in Stockholm. The Gallerian was opened in 1976 and during 2003-2004 will be renovated with the result that there will be more shopping, restaurants and much more. The newly refurbished shopping centre will cater for a much wider range of products, which will include both international and Swedish brand names. This will be an exciting shopping experience as there will be more restaurants and cafes and you are sure to find whatever you need. There are over 60 shops to choose from with items anything from American cookies to clothing, shoes and jewellery just to name a few. However, if you don’t feel like walking you can reach it by subway to T-centralen or Kungstradgarden or take buses 59, 47, or 69 to Kungstradgarden.

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Fantastic zoo and historical village, allowing children to observe all of Sweden's local animals, watch artisans craft pottery and glassworks, and wander through its quaint houses and shops. Absolutely adorable, and high on a hill allowing for beautiful views of the city.


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