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Weekend Breaks to Gothenburg

Planning a short break to Gothenburg? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Gothenburg. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Gothenburg. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

The East Indiaman

This is an experience which only you can decide on. As you enter the shipyard area which is in the Eriksberg harbour, you will be met by the smells of linseed oil, tar, wood and turpentine. There is plenty to see and experience; from the atmosphere to the history of the ship that ran aground, outside the inlet to Gothenburg. The East Indiaman is being reconstructed to precise details of the original 18th century ship. There are guided tours on board; however, these can be cancelled due to building operations being done onboard the ship. You can reach the East Indiaman by taking bus 16, “Strombussen” or bus 31.

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This Park is situated right in the middle of Gothenburg and there is plenty to see as you wander around. There are enclosures which are home to Nordic animals as well as the Natural History Museum. If however, you just simply want to relax, then you can sit on the lawns and watch all the activity going on around in the park. Slottsskogen has activities all year round including the start of both the Gothenburg Half Marathon and the Spring Run events.


In this museum which is located next to the Liseberg Amusement Park you can explore the natural sciences. There is everything from rainforests to hand-on high-tech experiments. You will be able to discover things inside the human body from the biggest to the smallest such as the microcosm which is smaller than a human or the mysteries of Outer Space. Wander through to the rainforest section and see such creatures as the bright yellow poison-arrow frog, sleepy caimans or great big hairy giant spiders. Here the atmosphere is hot and humid and filled with the sound of birds chirping and frogs croaking. Move on through to the Ocean Aquarium where there are sharks, giant rays and Moray eels. There is an awful amount to see and experience, which is sure to leave you flabbergasted and amazed.


6 Hvitfeldtsplatsen, Gothenburg. This club is small and charming. If you enjoy good jazz or the blues in a relaxed atmosphere, especially during the early evening this is the place to go. After midnight it becomes a nightclub with a mixed crowd and live music with anything from soul to funk and in-house. They also serve food, wine and beer.

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This house originally built in 1689 was destroyed by fire. It was bought by the Wijk family and restored in 1853. It was sold to an insurance company in 1925 and remodelled as a restaurant. The restaurant is situated in the middle of Gothenburg and has received top references from food reviewers. The restaurant specialises in fish dishes which are their speciality and is definitely worth a visit if only to see building itself.

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For something different take a vintage tram to Liseberg. This is a place that caters for everyone both young and old. Here at the Stora Scenen stage you can listen to music from hard rock to classical music. At the Lilla Senen there are circus acts and artistry, rabbit shows and a whole lot of fun for the family. There is a music pavilion and at Polketten where you can take dance lessons in salsa or jive or watch a classical comedy at the Liseberg theatre. For the more adventurous why not try the Balder, the biggest wooden roller coaster in Scandinavia and possibly the most thrilling ride you’ll ever take, a bit of courage is definitely needed here as the first drop is 70 degrees. There is also a water display in the Mirror Pond and in the Jubilee Gardens; the Swinging Pool offers magnificent light and water shows to music. In winter from mid-November Liseberg is decorated with over 700 Christmas trees and over 3 million lights, this is definitely a spectacular sight to see and will put you in the right mood for Christmas.

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Sporting Activities

Gothenburg offers plenty of sporting activities for the visitor. It has perfect venues for swimming such as the ocean, islets and skerries plus indoor swimming pools. If you’re keen on fishing, all along the coast angling is free, except for salmon and sea-trout fishing during winter. For the very fit and energetic there are many exercise tracks and plenty of land and forest with wilderness tracks for hiking. You can canoe, dive, bungee jump, climb, play mini golf and much, much more.

Elite Plaza Hotel

4 Drottninggatan, Gothenburg. The very special hotel housed an insurance company in the 1880’s. Although recent renovations have been done it has not taken any of the classicism away. Both the doorway which is made of fine-cut granite and partially polished is remarkable as is the original mosaic floor, both of which have been brought back to their original beauty. Indoors the visitor will find wrought-iron details, pillared halls and arches made of Italian marble. The hotel offers a comfortable and personal atmosphere for the executive and more than likely way above what us mere mortals can afford, but definitely worth a visit just to see how beautiful it is. The hotel has a cosy bar where you can relax and enjoy a drink. Domkyrkan is the nearest underground station and there is a bus terminal directly in front of the hotel.

Gothenburg Dance & Theatre Festival

This festival focuses on the contemporary performing arts and is the leading event in Sweden. Companies from around the world are invited to participate with a selection of their best and most interesting performances. The fields are in contemporary dance, theatre, performing art and new-circus. This week of festivities is aimed at giving inspiration to the cultural life of both Gothenburg and Sweden, the town’s people, visitors and all visiting companies. This festival has become an important meeting place, as it is the only one of its kind in Sweden.


There is plenty of shopping opportunities in Gothenburg for the visitor. Gothenburg makes it fun to shop or just stroll around and window shop. It has a wide variety of shops most of which are in the city centre. In Kungsgatan - which is the longest pedestrian street in Sweden, has a mixture of chain stores and small boutiques with a variety that is sure to impress you plus fill your shopping list.

Avenyn – The fashionable and famous avenue is vibrant with entertainment and plenty of shops and stores to choose from, plus they are not as densely packed as with any of the other shopping areas in the city. Here you will be able to find, clothing, jewellery, shoes, high quality souvenirs and gifts. This is definitely a place where you will find something for everyone. There are also plenty of smaller shops, interesting outlets and galleries down the side streets of Gothenburg.

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Taste - Restaurant or Cafe

Restaurang Taste at Berzeliegatan 18 - 412 53 Goteborg. Tel (00 46) 31-168210. This Restaurant is out of this world if your looking for a culanairy delight I highly recommend Taste, The service is exemplary and the food is melt in your mouth. All the food is freshly cooked and is worth the wait. I have eaten in many restuarants around the world but this is the best by far. 10 out of 10 for service, presentation and taste as the name signifies the food here will have your taste buds alive with delight.


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