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Weekend Breaks to Oslo

Planning a short break to Oslo? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Oslo. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Oslo. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.


the City Hall is a red bricked, twin tower where you can view scenes from Norse mythology outside it's enterance and a wonderful collection of frescoes within. You can view the main hall for free or take one of the English tours which are run at 10am, 12 midday and 2 pm for no extra charge. It is situated on Fridtjof Nansens plass and the telephone number is 22 46 16 00.

Historisk Museet

The National Museum is worth a visit - Frederiks gate 2, tel 00 85 99 12. Here you will find 3 museums in one. The National Antiquities Collection is on the ground floor where you can view Viking era treasures and weapons etc. On the 2nd floor is a vast coin collection dating back to AD995 and the top floor are displays of many cultures from around the world.

Akershus Festning

just to the east of the harbour, this fortress and castle has something interesting for the whole family. Enterance is free. The grounds and gardens are beautifully maintained and offer a good view of the city. Within the Akershus Slott (the castle) are grand staterooms and banquet halls while below are the dungeons. There are free tours led by university students who are dressed according to the historical time period or you can just stroll around on your own.

Frognerparken & Vigeland Park

Entrance on Kirkeveienopen (catch bus number 20). Open 24 hours. You can wander through the wide open green spaces or picnic under the trees and watch the ducks. Vigeland Park, on the centre walkway, consists of life side statues dipicting a range of human emotions from babies to the elderly. You can also view the world's largest sculpture which is a mass of writhing bodies.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Kongeveien 5, T-bane Holmenkollen, Tel 22 92 32 00. This world class ski jump, also used as a concert venue in summer, is definitely worth a visit. From Holmenkollen T-bane station, just follow the signs up the hill. From the top of the ski jump tower, the view of Oslo and fjords will take your breath away. A lift goes half way up and then you hit the 114 steps. The ski museum reflects the 400 years of skiing in Norway and there's the exhibits on the Antarctic expeditions of Amundsen and Scott which are worthwhile seeing.

The Nobel Peace Center

This center is housed in the old railroad station building, designed by the architect Georg Andreas Bull and inaugurated in 1872, at Vestbanen in the center of Oslo. The building was chosen due to its easy access for the public. It was built with the vision of increasing the public’s knowledge and involvement with the topic peace and conflict resolution. Through the use of various kinds of exhibitions and arrangements, plus the use of information and communication technology, it hopes to achieve this vision.

The islands and their beaches

ferries leave from Vippetangen quay once or twice hourly. Hovedoya is the nearest island. It has a rocky coastline with walkways arounds the perimeter of the island. You can view the ruins of a 12th century monastery. Langoyene is further south and offers better swimming facilities. There are both rocky and sandy beaches and even a beach for nudests.

Aker Brygge

previously a shipyard, this shopping complex on the west side of the harbour offers foods varied food court including sushi, tapas, pizza, pasta, The Noodle Bar for Chinese and even a baked-potato stall. Behind Aker Brygge, you will find the ICA Gourment supermarket cafe for filled baguettes, wok dishes and salads. Lining the harbour are the ice cream and hotdog vendors and the docked boats that have been turned into pricey beer halls and restaurants.

Oslo Sweater Shop

Biskop Gunnerus gate 3 (near Olso S) - for traditional Norwegian sweaters at good prices and a wide selection.


catch the ferry from Radhusbrygge in the harbour to The Bygdoy pensinsula for some of Oslo's finest attractions. There are Viking ships, an open-air folk museum, Thor Heyerdahl's (the Norwegian explorer) raft, the Kon-Tiki and the polar exploration ship, the Fram.

There are also 2 popular beaches, being Huk and Paradisbukta. Huk is mostly lawned with large rocks for sunbathing and is made up of 2 beaches seperated by a small cove. The beach on the northwest side is for the nudists. A 10 minute walk through the woods north of the bus stop leads you to the more secluded Paradisbukta.

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Hop on a tram from Oslo City Centre to Frognerparken and stroll through the park. Its one of the biggest parks I've ever walked and it is truly beautiful -- there's even a waterfall and amazing sculptures! A little piece of heaven I've discovered in Oslo and I definately want to go back.


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