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Weekend Breaks to Vilnius

Planning a short break to Vilnius? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Vilnius. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Vilnius. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Island Castle

23 km west of Vilnius and accessible by bus or boat. One of the oldest castles in Lithuania, it it situated on Lake Galvés near the old capital of Trakai. The 14th century castle lies in a setting of forests and lakes in Trakai National Park. You can also find the ruins of the Peninsula Castle and the site of Old Trakai Castle within this beautiful national park.

The old Jewish quarter and ghetto

Vilnius was originally a city with 100 000 Jewish residents. After WWII only 6000 Jews had survived with only 1 synagogue (Pylimo g. 39.) out of an original 105. The Lithuanian State Jewish Museum at Pylimo g. 4 depicts the Yiddish culture in Lithuania and the tragedy of the Holocaust. The Genocide Memorial - Agrastu g. 15 is a 10 minute train trip away in Panerial. A total of 70 000 Jews were killed and buried here in mass graves. For further information, you can contact the Jewish Cultural Centre (Tel - 41 88 09).

Midsummer celebrations

keenly celebrated on the night of 23 June. It is believed to have magical powers.

Life Theatre Festival

a week-long theatre festival that features avant-garde productions in Vilnius in May.

Summer Music Festival

during the month of July, this festival lasts a full week. Held in the Old Town there is a variety of activities such as street theatre, dancing, masked parades and craft fairs.

The Old Town

south of Cathedral Square, this old town is wonderful to explore. With its winding streets and courtyards it is a city that captures your interest by just wondering around. Just through the gates, enter the first door on the right to the 17th century Chapel of the Gates of Dawn. Further down the street is St. Theresa's Church which is known for its Baroque sculptures, frescoed ceiling and colourful arches. North of Pilies g. is Cathedral Square with it's cathedral that resembles a Greek temple.

Gedimino Tower

in the Old Town, behind Cathedral Square you can walk up Castle Hill path to the tower for stunning views of Vilnius's spires.

The Museum of the Genocide of the Lithuanian Pe

was originally built in 1899 as a Russian court and situated in the New Town. The Gestapo turned it into their headquarters during WWII. It then became the KGB Headquarters for the Russians and now houses the museum. The guides are former inmates so you get a first hand picture of their suffering. Enter around the corner at Aukv g. 4. - Tel 62 24 49.

The Fisherman's Club

the club will arrange fishing trips anywhere in Lithuania, in fact if you are there in winter you could try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen Curonian Lagoon. For further information please contact the Tourist Information Centre - Pilies str. 42 - Tel 62 07 62.

The Pub

Dominikonu g. 9 - smack bang in the middle of the Old Town (near the university). A traditional English pub with heavy wooden decor and a 19th century dungeon for good measure. Wednesday is for jazz fans and Sunday night is disco night.

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