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Weekend Breaks to Trieste

Planning a short break to Trieste? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Trieste. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Trieste. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

This restored villa is the number-one choice for your Trieste layover. Overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, the building is stylishly furnished and decorated, with exceedingly comfortable bedrooms. All bedrooms come with a medium-size tiled bathroom.

Service is efficient, and housekeeping is first-rate. The hotel also has more facilities than any other in the area. The facilities include a restaurant, a bar, pool, gym, sauna, room service, and laundry/dry cleaning. Expect to pay 240€ double. The hotel is a 5-minute drive from the city center and situated in the exclusive Barcola district, on Viale Miramare 109. Tel: 040/410115.

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Al Bragozzo

This is the best-known restaurant at the port. The simply yet creatively prepared meals pay homage to the sea and its heritage by combining the elements of Italian cuisine and the riches of the Mediterranean. Specialties include spaghetti alla Giorgio (with tomatoes and herbs), ravioli stuffed with herbs, monkfish braised with artichokes (and cooked with white wine), spaghetti with lobster. There is also many preparations of salmon and shrimp. You can dine at the outdoor tables, sheltered by a canopy, if you visit in summer. Main courses 10€ to 26€. Reservations are recommended. Located on Riva Nazario Sauro 22. Tel: 040/303001.

Cathedral of St. Just (Cattedrale di San Giusto

Dedicated to the patron saint of Trieste, this basilica was consecrated in 1330. The front is Romanesque style, enhanced by a rose window. Inside, the nave is flanked by two pairs of aisles. The best of the Byzantine mosaics in Trieste, are to the left of the main altar. Especially noteworthy is the blue-robed Madonna and child. The main altar and the chapel to the right contain less interesting mosaics. At its base are the preserved remains of a Roman temple from the 1st century A.D. From the basilica you can also stroll to the nearby San Giusto Castle. The cathedral is open daily 7:30am to 7pm, and admission is free. Located Piazza Cattedrale, Colle Capitolino. Tel: 040/302874.

Miramare Castle (Castello di Miramare)

Overlooking the Bay of Grignano, this castle was built by Archduke Maximilian, in 1854. On the ground floor, you can visit Maximilian's bedroom (built like a ship's cabin), as well as an impressive receiving room and more parlors, including a chinoiserie salon. Enveloping the castle are magnificently designed grounds (the Parco di Miramare), ideal for pleasant strolls. In July and August, a sound-and-light presentation in the park depicts Maximilian's tragedy in Mexico. Tickets begin at 5€. The castle is open daily 9am to 6:30pm. Admission to the site is 4€, and it is located 8km northwest of town. Viale Miramare, Grignano 0. Tel: 040/224143.

St. Just Castle (Castello di San Giusto)

Constructed in the 15th century by the Venetians on the site of a Roman fort. This fortress maintained a sharp eye on the bay, watching for unfriendly visitors arriving by sea. From its bastions, panoramic views of Trieste unfold. Inside is a museum with a collection of arms and armor. The castle's open-air theater hosts a film festival in July and August every year. The castle is open daily from 9am to sunset. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday 9am to 1pm. Entrance to both venues are 1.55€ each. Located at Piazza Cattedrale 3. Tel: 040/309362.

Teatro Verdi

Trieste's most impressive theater, has been compared to a blend of the Vienna State Opera and Milan's La Scala. Built in 1801 and massively renovated in the mid-1990s, it presents classical concerts and operas throughout the year. Tickets range from 13€ to 75€. The Teatro Verdi is located Corso Cavour via San Carlo. Tel: 040/6722111.


If you are interested in dancing the night away, the neighbourhood around Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia, offers the town's most animated disco, Mandracchio, Passo di Piazza 1. Tel: 040/366292. Its closest rival is Disco Machiavelli, Viale Miramare 285. Tel: 040/44104. A crowded see-and-be-seen dance hall, whose only drawback is its location 6km north of Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia.


Trieste is a great place to shop for antiques. Look for examples of both Biedermeier and Liberty (Italian Art Nouveau) furniture and accessories. The neighbourhood around Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia, has the city's densest collection of antiques dealers. Venues to look out for are Davia (Via dell'Annunziata 6. Tel: 040/304321), specializing in antique engravings. Jesu (Via Felice Venezian 9. Tel: 040/300719), dealing in small art objects and furniture; and Dr. Fulvio Rosso (Via Diaz 13. Tel: 040/306226), specializing in crystal and porcelain from the turn of the 20th century.

Fine leather and suede goods can be found at Christine Pellettrie (Piazza della Borsa 15. Tel: 040/366212), where women can find well-crafted shoes, bags, and pants.

Offering both casual and formal attire, Max Mara (Corso Italia 20-1. Tel: 040/636723), features impeccable women's wear, shoes and bags. , Spangher, a waterfront shop (Riva Gulli 8. Tel: 040/305158), is an Italianized version of Abercrombie & Fitch, and sells trendy sportswear.

The 130-year-old La Bomboniera (Via XXX Ottobre 3. Tel: 040/632752), is a candy store as beautifully wrapped as the chocolates it sells. With etched glass, carved walnut shelves, and an elaborate glass chandelier, it offers traditional sweets and pastries of the region, as well as a few Austro-Hungarian specialties.

Ricreatori Comunali

These communal youth clubs can only be found in Trieste. The youth clubs are non-religious institutions, and children and younger teenagers can go there to play, take part in various sport activities, take part in a singing group, or try out ceramics and music. The staff and supervisors are young, but very highly qualified. There are lots of different activities (during summer they also organize day trips and visits to the sea), but the children are left free to decide what they want to do. They accept children between 6-15 years of age. Entrance is free, but you have to register first by going to the organizer. Trieste has 13 youth clubs of this kind - every district has its own. The complete list of youth clubs can be found in the local phone book, and the best ones are on the Wcities website. The youth clubs are all open from Monday to Saturday between 2:30pm and 7:30pm. For further information phone the local council information office. Tel: 040/6754850.

Ristorante Harry's Grill

This restaurant manages to be both elegant and relaxed. Here you can have an American-style martini, followed by a simple plate of pasta or a full meal. In summer, tables are set up in the traffic-free piazza. The outdoor terrace, sheltered by a canopy, has a separate area for bar patrons.

The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is good, and includes fresh shrimp with oil and lemon, pasta and risotto dishes, boiled salmon in sauce, calves' liver with onions, bigoli (fat spaghetti) with duck meat, and beef filet with red-wine sauce. The adjoining bar is one of the most popular rendezvous spots in town.

Main courses 16€-25€, and reservations are required.

Located at Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia 2. Tel: 040/660606.

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