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Weekend Breaks to Treviso

Planning a short break to Treviso? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Treviso. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Treviso. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Villa Condulmer

This house was built in 1743 by the Condulmer family, and it is the finest place to stay anywhere near Trevisa. In the early 19th century frescoes were added by Moretti Laresi. Here you will stay in the luxury of elaborate marble floors and crystal chandeliers. The large guestrooms, in the main house, are fitted with oriental carpets, period furnishings and well-kept bathrooms.

You can also opt to stay in one of the lofts, located in the two annexes of the house. Facilities include a restaurant, a bar, pool, 27-hole golf course, tennis court and room service. Expect prices 154€ - 232€ double, 245€ - 310€ suite. Rates include breakfast. The hotel is located Via Zermanese 1. Tel: 041/457100.

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Toni del Spin

Situated in the center of Treviso, this typical trattoria serves good Trevisana cuisine at affordable prices. Excellent northern Italian dishes appear on the menu. A local favourite is the baccala (dried codfish), cooked in milk with olive oil and onions, and baked to perfection. Other delights, such as risotto with fresh asparagus, roasted duck served with polenta and Zuppa d'arzo (barley soup), are also worth a taste. Summer meals are served under an outdoor arbour and there is an abundance of local wines to choose from. Main courses 6€ to 14€, and reservations are recommended. Located on Via Inferiore 7. Tel: 0422/543829.

San Nicolo

This huge Romanesque-Gothic curch contains some important treasures. The ornate vaulted ceiling and the 14th-century frescoes (by Tomaso da Modena) on the columns, are well worth a viewing. The San Nicolo is located on Via San Nicolo. Tel: 0422/3247.

Admission is free.

Seminario Vescovile (Episcopal Seminary)

Houses the Dominican Chapter (Capitolo de Dominicani). This site is very impressive. In 40 portraits, Tomaso da Modena, captured the diverse personalities of a series of Dominican monks, seated at their desks. The building is open daily 8am to 6:30pm, and there is no admission fee. Located next to the San Nicolo church on Via San Nicolo.

Museo Civico (Civic Museum)

The Museo Civico has a number of fine old houses. The ground floor of the museum is taken up by the archeological collection, predominantly late Bronze Age and Roman relics. The picture collection, on the upper floor, is generally mediocre, but has a few very special paintings. At this museum you will get to view the strange II Castragatti (The Cat Fixer), by Sebastiano Florigero, a Crucifixion by Jacopo Bassano, Portrait of Sperone Speroni by Titian, Portrait of a Dominican by Lorenzo Lotto, and the fresco, San Antonio Abate by Pordenone.

Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 5pm. Admission is 3€. Located on Borgo Cavour 24, along Via Riccati. Tel: 0422/658442.

Shopping in Treviso

The city is known for its production of wrought iron and copper utensils. The best places to find these goods are located on Via Palestro. Prior sells the most amazing copper ornaments, and you will have a hard time choosing something from their extensive range. Located on Via Palestro 12. Tel: 0422/545886. Morandin is the center of all wrought iron utensils and here you are guaranteed some good bargains. Located Via Palestro 50. Tel: 0422-543651.

Another good place to shop, is the open-air markets on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. These markets are sprawled across Via Pascheria. Here you will be able to pick up some of the freshest fruit and vegetables around. Cherries are grown in the surrounding area and ripen in June. Pam supermarket also offers one of the best selections of fruit, especially cherries. Located on Via Zorgietto 12. Tel: 0422/583913.


A good place to visit if you love art. Here you will get to see more frescoes by Pordenone, as well as the star attraction: an Annunciation by Titian. Hours are Monday to Saturday 8am to noon, and 3:30pm to 7pm. The crypt is open after 10:30am. Admission is minimal and Duomo is located on Piazza del Duomo at Via Canoniche 2. Tel: 0422/545720.

The Wine Roads of Traviso

The Dolomites around Treviso are known for producing fine wines. Take a drive along the two highways, known as Strade dei Vini del Piave, for a view of the ancient vines. Both routes start at the medieval town of Conegliano. The less interesting is Strada del Vino Rosso (Red Wine Road), running through 40km of flatlands, southeast of Conegliano. Significant points include the scenic hamlets of Oderzo, Motta, and Ponte di Piave.

The more scenic route, is the Strada del Vino Bianco (White Wine Road), and more specifically the Strada del Prosecco. Wandering through the foothills of the dolomites for about 39km, northwest of Conegliano, ending at Valdobbiadene. It passes through prestigious regions famous for their sparkling prosecco. The most charming of the many hamlets en route, are San Pietro de Feletto, Follina, and Pieve di Soligno. Each hamlet is awash with kiosks and roadside stands, all selling the fermented fruits of the local harvest. They also offer platters of proscuitto, local cheese, and crusty bread.

Santa Caterina District

A second great fresco cycle by Tomaso da Modena, The Story of the Life of St Ursula, is housed in the newly opened Museo di Santa Caterina. The area around the church is pleasant and interesting. Here you will find antiques sellers, furniture restorers and a variety of stalls in the market of Piazza Matteotti. Some of the other churches in the area, are also worth a look. To the north of Santa Caterina is the 13th-century church of San Francesco, an airy building with patches of fresco, including a Madonna and Saints by Tomaso da Modena.

Via Carlo Alberto - One of the most attractive streets in the town. At the end of the street (to the south), stands the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. It houses the most venerated image in Treviso, a fresco of the Madonna originally painted by Tomaso. Hours are Tuesday to Saturday t 9am to 12.30pm, and 2.30 to 6pm. Admission to the church is €3.

Piazza dei Signori

A walk through this area offers views of several interesting Romanesque buildings. The stunning views include the municipal Bell Tower, The Palazzo Trecento, and the nearby Loggia de Cavalieri on Via Martiri della Liberta.

Be sure to take your camera; photographs of these sites will make wonderful souvenirs of your visit to Treviso.

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