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Weekend Breaks to Alghero

Planning a short break to Alghero? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Alghero. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Alghero. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Grotta del Nettuno

The Grotta del Nettuno is the most famous cave in the Capo Caccia headland. This cave can be accessed either by boat, or by climbing down a steep staircase, which is made up of 656 stone steps down the side of the cliff.

This staircase is known as ‘escala del cabirol. Inside the cave is the ‘La Marmora’ Lake, this vast internal salt lake is 120 meters long and lies on the same level as the sea.

There are several impressive chambers with stalagmites and stalactite formations.

The Coast Road between Alghero and Bosa

This road is situated between Alghero and Boas and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and shoreline. There are dramatic sheer cliffs, which drop down to the sea. The hills of magnificently shaped rocks change colour depending on the reflections of the sun. The road lies between an unspoilt environment and has stretches, which are completely uninhabited. These characteristics are unique to Sardinia and well worth the journey.

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The Palmavera Nuraghe

The architecture and layout of the complex is exceptionally built especially due to the central tower of an elliptical bastion, which was added, and the other tower, which animates the inner courtyard. The Palmavera Nuraghe was completes during various stages ranging from the 1st century to about the 8th century.


The Necropolis of Santu Pedru

There is a 15-meter long corridor, which leads to a large quadrangular chamber that allows access to the other cells. The Necropolis of Santu Pedru is one of the most interesting Necropolises on the island.


Mare Nostrum Aquarium

This aquarium has a permanent exhibition of marine and fresh water fauna. There are various documents that reveal aquatic environments of the Mediterranean Sea. Various displays of fish and invertebrates are on offer, and this is a great place to experience the wonders that the Mediterranean has to offer.

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Capo Caccia

The promontory of Capo Caccia has towering limestone headlands with sheer cliffs that drop vertically down to the sea, which lies hundreds of meters below. The whole area of Capo Caccia has been declared a natural reserve and is protected by conservation laws. There are several interesting species of animals and plants, which call the promontory home. The hills, which rise to a height of 326 meters, are the perfect place for falcons and griffins to nest.


Museo Diocesano dell’Arte Sacra

This museum has six sections that include silver ornaments, cabinetwork, wood sculptures, stonework, bronze statues and paintings all dedicated to sacred Art. The museum is located at P.zz Dunomo.

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The ‘Misericordia’ Church

Franciscan Monks founded the ‘Misericordia’ Church in 1508. There is a spectacular crucifix that is from the 1600 and is an awesome example of Spanish art.

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The Anghelu Ruju Necropoli

The Anghelu Ruju Necropoli is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean and dates back to the 3rd century. The Necropolis was used as a burial place for the locals who lived from fishing and agriculture in the area. The evolution of the architectural periods is depicted with the various types of tombs, which have been discovered at the Necropolis. The historic periods of these tombs are evident by the various shapes and designs of the inner chambers. Paintings of doors, columns, cupels and bull’s horns decorate the tombs, which are in homage to Taurus, the guardian of the dead.

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The Beach of Argentiera

Argentiera is a wild and barren stretch of coastline, which is particularly awesome because of the abandoned mining village located nearby. The grey sandy beach has an exceptional view of the wooden skeleton of the mineral washery and entrances to several mine pits, which are immersed in the surrounding countryside.

Plenty of fish and lobsters can be found at this spectacular beach as well as the Corsican gull, which uses the beach as a nesting ground. The beach is perfect for this because of the rocky coastline.

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