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Weekend Breaks to Capri

Planning a short break to Capri? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Capri. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Capri. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Carthusia-Profumi di Capri

This shop is located on one of Capri’s luxury shopping streets, Via Camerelle 10, and specialises in perfumes made on the island from local herbs and flowers.

The scents are unique; to such a degree that even Elizabeth Taylor bought her perfume here, before she started her own line. Many women consider Carthusia perfumes to be collector’s items.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis is the estate from which Tiberius ruled the empire from A.D. 27 to A.D. 37 and dominates the rocky spur of Monte Tiberio. The northern and eastern sides of the villa were built on a sheer rock wall that descends vertically down into the sea, and covers a surface area of approximately 7 000 meters. The villa was constructed on layers of terraces, which level out the natural line of the rock. The villa was built of limestone cement alternated with rows of tiles. The technique was perfect for the construction of the walls, because they were able to support the weight of the upper levels. The buildings were gathered around a central complex, which included four large reservoirs with a capacity of 8 000 cubic meters of water. There is a view of the Bay of Salerno, the Bay of Naples and the island. Villa Jovis is just one of a dozen villas that the emperor erected on the island, apparently Tiberius had trouble sleeping, so he wandered from bed to bed, a young girl one hour, a young boy the next. Villa Jovis is open from 9 am to 1 hour before sunset. There is an entrance fee of $3.

The website contains a wealth of information on many places.

Grotta Azzurra

This is the most famous sea grotto on Capri. There are motorboats leaving from the harbour at Marina Grande. The sea grotto is stunning with the water reflecting on the walls. The whole grotto is blue and extremely romantic. You can either take a boat into the grotto during the day, or you can swim out after 5pm when the boat service has suspended for the day. The grotto is open from 9 am up to one hour before sunset. The excursion cannot be made during adverse weather conditions.

Certosa di San Giacomo (Charterhouse of St. Jam

Giacomo Arcucci built the Certosa di San Giacomo in the fourteenth century because he made a vow to St. James. He promised to build a monumental charterhouse in exchange for a blessing received, the birth of a long awaited male heir. Arcucci involved Queen Joanna I of Naples in the project, and she invested vast sums of money and assigned Certosa lands, which provided an income. Various privileges were granted to the monks who made them rich and powerful, such as they had the right to appropriate land from those who died without any heirs. This enabled them to add to their estate year after year.

The oldest part of Certosa di San Giacomo consists of the church and a cloister, which dates back to the century when they were built. The curved spire of the tower dates back to the seventeenth century. Several collections of paintings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries are housed in the Certosa di San Giacomo and various exhibition of ancient and contemporary art cycles. There are various conference and cultural meeting halls located on the grounds. The Certosa di San Giacomo is open daily from 9am to 2pm, but is closed on Monday’s.

Bagni Nettuno

Scenic cliff sides surround Bagni Nettuno and there is an entrance fee of $10. Included in the entrance fee are the use of a cabana, towels and deck chairs. The beach is open from mid March to mid November from 9am to sunset. From a nearby point you can swim into the narrow entrance guarding the Blue Grotto. It is advisable to do this after 5pm, when there is no longer a boat service and when the waters are relatively calm.

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Villa San Michele

Axel Munthe, who was a Swedish writer and doctor, built this spectacular villa. The villa is situated on the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa and houses the richest collections of ancient art and artifacts on the island of Capri. Villa San Michele is open every day of the year, and thanks to the Axel Munthe Foundation, from June till the end of August you can enjoy concerts and beautiful sunsets every Friday evening. The villa is open all year round and entrance is free to children under the age of 10. The villa is located at Via Capodimonte 34, Anacapri.

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Villa Imperiale di Damecuta

The Villa Imperiale di Damecuta lies on the western side of the island and the ruins were discovered during an excavation between 1937 and 1948 and are clearly visible. Unfortunately many of the ancient remains that came to the surface were tampered with and reused by local labourers, who did not hesitate to destroy or sell many of the ancient columns or marble slabs. A cylindrical tower (Torre di Damecuta) was added to the east wing during the 12th century as a defence against the attacking pirates of that period. Villa Imperiale di Damecuta is open daily from 9am to 1 hour before sunset.

Scala Fenicia (Phoenician Stairway)

It is not clear when the stairway was built. The stairway was cut out of rock leading along the rocky ridge from Marina Grande to the rock of Capodimonte where it ends at the medieval city gate. There is approximately an altitude change of about 200 meters. Up until 1874, the only means of communication between Capri and Anacapri was the Phoenician stairway. The stairway was restored in 1998 and the views are incredible.

The Museum of the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio

The museum is located in Piazzetta Cerio 5, Capri. The Museum has a collection of Neolithic and Paleolithic fossils. There are about 20 000 natural and archaeological findings which were collected by Ignazio Cerio, these findings were mainly collected in Capri. A well-stocked herbarium is also on display with about 500 species, a fine collection of marine fauna with about 10 000 exhibits and the museum also houses a library of books and publications of Capri. There is a lecture and concert hall where various cultural events are held.

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Bagni di Tiberio

To reach the sandy beach of Bagni Di Tiberio, you have to board a motorboat which departs from Marina Grande. Passage costs about $5 or if you feel energetic you could walk the 30-minute walk north from Marina Grande, through the rocky landscape with flowering plants and vineyards.

The scenery here is absolutely stunning.

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