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Weekend Breaks to Rhodes

Planning a short break to Rhodes? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Rhodes. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Rhodes. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Hydrobiological Station Rhodes

located on Cos Street, the aquarium and museum are housed in a magnificent building combining local, Art Deco and Naval architectural elements like curved lines, pothole type windows and porous rocks studded with natural sea shells inside the building.

The aquarium exhibits interesting flora and fauna endimec to the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean seas as well as immigrant Red Sea species.

The museum has a collection of rare exhibits accompanied with video projections and informative material as well as an aquarium hosting endangered Gizani, which are a fresh water fish species endemic to Rhodes Island.

Open April to October 9am to 8:30pm daily and November to March 9am to 4:30pm daily.

For more information visit - www.life-gizani.gr/


the most popular part of the town of Rhodes is the ancient harbour called Mandraki. As you enter the harbour you will see a statue of The Deer and Fawn. The Mole that protects the harbour has three old windmills in its centre and on the northern side of the harbour lies the fortress of St Nicholas with the lighthouse and this is also where boats depart for cruises to Lindos, Symi, Kalymnos and Patmos.

The Gothic style Orthodox Church of the Annunciation with its murals by Fotis Kontoglou is near the entrance of the harbour as well as the Govenors Residence surrounded by gothic arches.

Other lovely buildings in the area inlude the National Theatre, Law Courts and Town Hall.

Acropolis of Rhodes

built on the highest part of the city of Rhodes, the Acropolis was built in a Hellenistic style and includes various public buildings, Sanctuaries and large Temples.

The Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus is situated on the northern side of the acropolis and an indication of its origional size are the four oversized column drums that can still be seen today.

Also on the site is Nymphaia which was an ancient place for recreation and worship and has four subterranean cave like constructions as well as recesses in the walls for statues, waters cisterns and lots of lush vegetation.

Hotel Des Roses

this beautiful old hotel built during the Italian occupation of Rhodes is now abandoned but is still of architectural interest as the building was built in two phases.

The first Phase was in the early 1920's when Italian architect Michele Petracco designed part of the building in an Eclectic Oriental style and the second phase started in 1936 with a period of Italian fascism and many of the origional Oriental features where diminished.

Bay of Faliraki

situated about 16 km from the city centre of Rhodes is the Bay of Faliraki that is one of the most popular tourist spots on the island because of the vibrant nightlife, watersports activities and kilometers of lovely sandy beaches.

Other attractions include the Acropolis of Erimokastro from the Mycenean period, three small monasteries featuring interesting architecture and lovely Orthodox icons and picturesque streets you can wonder.

The Palace of the Grand Master

origionally built by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, the palace was largely destroyed in 1856 and then restored between 1937 and 1940. Some of the exhibits in the palace include sculptures of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, religious icons and objects, wepons, furniture dating from the 15th and 19th centuries, mosaic floors from late Roman, early Christian and Hellenistic periods and manuscripts.


located at 8 Ippodamou Street, Rhodes. This is the store for all those that love Greek cuisine and produce. At Tradition you can buy Greece's liquid gold, otherwise known as olive oil, as well as honey which in anciet times was believed to be the food of the Gods.

Traditions also sells delicious fruit, spices, herbs, olives and beautifuly crafted traditional clay pottery and wooden items predominantly from olive trees. Not to be missed is the famous Nectar of The Gods drink which is a mixture of wine and honey.

Romeo Garden

located at 7 Menekleous Street, Rhodes. A magical restaurant where old and new Greece meet in a 500 year old building. Inside the d├ęcor captures the spirit of the old town with wooden floors and stone walls.

The rooftop garden has an amazing atmosphere with beautiful flowers and lovely views. the menu offers a good selection of delicious dishes and the service is excellent. While you savour your meal you can enjoy live music by the inhouse singer Aphrodite and her band Romeo as well as live Bouzouki and guitar music.

For more info go to www.romeo.gr/


the village of Lindos is the most popular tourist destination on the island of Rhodes because of its lovely sandy beaches, great nightlife and trditional architecture.

Famous attractions in Lindos include the Acropolis with the Castle of the Knights, the graveyard at the entrance to the village where the church of Phaneromeni is, the ancient theatre situated below the Temple of Athena and the Tomb of Kleoboulos which is a circular structure with a masory and vaulted roof as well as ancient wall paintings.


located at 20 Museum Square, Rhodes. Zygos is one of the best known art gallery shops in Greece. They have gathered an array of ceramic objects crafted using varying techniques.

Ceramic making is an intregal part of Greek cultural heritage and Zygos gives the visitor the opportunity to see the ceramics being created.

Visitors can also purchase the finished product to take home as a souvenir and the friendly staff will advise you on techniques used to creat the ceramics and purchases.

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