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Weekend Breaks to Paros

Planning a short break to Paros? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Paros. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Paros. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.


the best way to get to this beach is by boat from Naoussa which returns at 8pm in the evenings. If you do not mind a bit of hiking you can take the bus which drops you off about 3km from the beach.

The beach itself is famous for the strange and mysterious stone formations that surround the sandy beach. The water here is crystal clear making it a nice place to snorkel.

Archaeological Museum

located in Parikia next to the high school, this museum houses finds dating back 6000 years from the island of Antiparos and Paros.

Considred one of the most interesting museums in the Aegean islands, highlights include Roman mosaic of Herakles, the statue of victory from Parikia, Parian marble, seated Dimitra from Dilio and the biography of the poet Archilochus on marble.

Marathi Marble Quarries

located a few kilometers on the road from Parikia to Marathia are the ancient Parian marble quarries. The marble from these quarries was used to create the magnificent Venus of Milos statue and other classical masterpieces.

Visitors can still see buildings from 1878 of the company that started the continous excavations of the site

Ekatontapyliani Church

the third most important Christian building in Greece, Ekatontapyliani meaning, Our Lady of the Hundred Doors, is linked to the myth and history of Byzantium. The church is located in the north east corner of Paros, it is a Cruciforn Basilica with a dome that is entered through the Narthex with its three doors into the main area of the church.

The church is built on the remains of Temples dedicated to Hercules and inside the church there is a Byzantine museum which features icons, relics and wood carvings.

Folklore Museum Collection of Naousa

two traditional houses have been turned into a lovely little museum featuring traditional clothing from Paros and all over Greece as well as an array of everyday objects and old photographs.

The museum is located 150 meters from the town square, right after Pantanassa in Paros an is open from May till September.


the biggest and busiest town on Paros island. Parikia still manages to maintan its island charm. Some of the attractions of the town are Ekantontapyliani Church, the Hill of St Anne which has unique views of the Aegean sea, also on the hill are the ruins of Delion which was a temple dedicated to Artemis of Delos and ruins of the Asklepeion and Pythian Apllo Temple.

The town also has some lovely beaches and the restaurants, tavernas and bars on the seafront are very popular in season.


the second largest city on the island of Paros, Naoussa can get very busy in the summer with tourists flocking to the beaches such as the famous Kolymbithres, the monastery and Agioi Anargyroi. The other major attraction of the city are the traditional song and dance festivals which depict the culture and history of the island. The dancers invite members of teh audiance to participate in the dancing.

For a delicious meal head to one of the tavernas serving freshly caught fish of the day accompanied by home made wine and tons ouzo.


the most famous sport on the island of Paros is windsurfing. The Profesional Windsurfing Association hosts the windsurfing world cup at Chrissi Akti and Nea Chrissi Akti.

New Golden Beach is famous for being a windsurfers paradise because of the layout of the beach that makes the wind extra strong. Surfers will also find great conditions on Paros.


located at Gefiraki Centre, Parikia. This is the best place to buy local produce from Paros and the rest of Greece. Housed in an old building in the centre of town, Distrato sells jam, conserves, fruit liqueurs, marmalades, honey, pasta, olive oil, olives, wines and organic products.

You can also order gift baskets that can be shiped anywher in Europe.


located at the port in Naoussa, this famous restaurant is known as the tastiest place on the island. Barbarossa has spectacular views across the Aegean sea and a warm friendly atmosphere with good service.

Savour the fresh fish, delicious salads, appertizers and wash down your meal with the finest wines and ouzo in Paros.

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Tao's center - Cultural Attraction

A spiritual meditation center, located on a hill between the villages Naoussa and Ambelas. Tao's offers diverse activities such as daily tai-chi and yoga, and seminars and workshops open to all visitors. Tao's also has a very good Thai-cuisine restaurant-cafe'-bar, with great food and amazing views. Details available at


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