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Weekend Breaks to Perpignan

Planning a short break to Perpignan? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Perpignan. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Perpignan. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Castillet/Musée des Arts et Traditions Populair

Place de Verdun, Perpignan. The Castillet is one of the main attractions of Perpignan. This redbrick building dating from the 14th century houses the museum also known as La Casa Pairal. It has exhibits of Catalan regional artifacts and folkloric items, including typical dress.

This building with its crenellated walls is a combination of a gateway and fortress. You can climb the bulky tower for an excellent view of the town.

Open May to September Wednesday to Monday 10 am to 7pm and October to April Wednesday to Monday 11 am to 5.30 pm. Admission is 4€ for adults and 2€ for students and children younger than 17. For more information visit the Office Municipal du Tourisme within the Palais des Congrès, place Armand-Lanoux, Tel 04-68-66-30-30.

For more information visit -


Perpignan is permeated by Spanish and Catalan influences and this becomes evident at night. The streets around place de la Loge has the highest concentration of bars and clubs in town. A typical evening in town usually start with some drinks in the bars de nuit and then off to the disco for a night of dancing. A good place to start your pub crawl is at Le Habana-Club, 5 rue Grande-des-Fabriques where you will enjoy wonderful cocktails while listening to salsa and merengua music. The discos in Perpignan generally open around 11 pm. Try Le Napoli, 3 rue place de Catalonia, a modern, mirrored space without any chairs. Dancing is the name of the game. Another option is Uba-Club, 5 bd. Mercader, with modern decor and some sofas and chairs and a smallish dance floor. Le Milord, 20 rue Jules-Verne, one of the largest discos in town is where the social locals between the ages 30 to 50 hang out.

Cathédrale St-Jean

Place Gambetta/rue de l'Horloge, Perpignan. This cathedral dates from the 14th and 15th centuries. It has an excellent nave and some interesting 17th-century retables. The south door, on the left side of the chapel, leads on to an exceptional wooden carving of Christ on the cross, contorted in pain and suffering, with his head, crowned with thorns, drooping on his chest. Visiting hours daily from 9 am to 3 to 7 pm. Admission is free.

For more information visit the Office Municipal du Tourisme within the Palais des Congrès, place Armand-Lanoux, Tel 04-68-66-30-30 or visit

Shopping in Perpignan

The indigenous style of Catalan is reflected in textiles and pottery with strong geometric patterns and strong and sturdy furniture. Visit the Centre Sant-Vicens, rue Sant-Vicens, for one the best selection of Catalan pottery, furniture and carpets. It is operated by about a dozen independent merchants. Another place to shop for Catalan inspired items is situated about 4 km south of the town centre. Follow the signs pointing to Enne and Collioures. In the town center you will find La Maison Quinta, 3 rue des Grands-des-Fabriques.

Château de Salses

This historic site is situated in the hamlet of Salses, 25 km north of the city centre. This fort has guarded the main road linking Spain and France since Roman times. In 1497 Ferdinand of Aragón erected a fort here as protection for the northern frontier of his kingdom. The fort designed by Ferdinand himself, is an odd example of an Iberian structure in France. In the 17th century the French military engineer Vauban changed it to look more like a château. In September 1642, after a lot of changes in ownership, Salses fell to the forces of Louis XIII and its Spanish garrison left forever. Even today, Salses marks the language-barrier point between Catalonia in Spain and Languedoc in France. Open daily in April to May and Oct from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm; June and September from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm; July and August 9.30 am to 7 pm and November to March 10 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm. Admission is 5.50€ adults, 3.50€ youths under 25, free for children under 17.

For more information visit the Office Municipal du Tourisme within the Palais des Congrès, place Armand-Lanoux, Tel 04-68-66-30-30 or visit

La Villa Duflot

Rond Point Albert Donnezan. This is the best hotel of the area for luxury, but reasonably priced accommodation. The Villa is situated in a suburb of La Villa Duflot and is place of tranquillity, style, and refinement This Mediterranean-style dwelling is surrounded by a large park of pine-, palm- and eucalyptus trees. It's has a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. You can sunbathe at the pool and order drinks from the outside bar. The rooms are placed around a patio with century-old olive trees. The interior of the rooms is Art Deco and the bathrooms are made of solid marble. The rooms are equipped with mini bars and hairdryer.

For more info go to:

Le Palais des Rois de Majorque

Rue des Archers, Perpignan. This is Perpignan's most important monument and one of the most remarkable example of the medieval civil and military architecture in southern France. Its was the residence of Jaume I of majorca when its construction started in 1276. His successors, the kings of Aragon, oversaw the last important building work. The palace itself is currently under restoration, but the main courtyard is open to visitors. The beautiful ensemble of gothic buildings, the large façade and the two chapels are also open for visitors. The lower chapel is known as the Queen's chapel and the lower chapel is called the Sainte-Croix chapel. Open daily from June to September 10 am to 6 pm and October to May 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is 4€ adults, 2€ students, free for children younger than 7.

For more information visit the Office Municipal du Tourisme within the Palais des Congrès, place Armand-Lanoux, Tel 04-68-66-30-30 or visit

Special Events

During the 4 very hot weeks of July, the city is bursting with music, expositions, and theater. Les Estivales makes the city come alive. For information visit The grape harvest takes place in September and it a fantastic time to visit the area. Temperatures have dropped by then and its the perfect time to take a drive through the Rivesaltes district bordering Perpignan to the west and north. Perpignan is host to the Festival International de Photo-Journalisme, one of the most widely discussed celebrations of photojournalism in the industry. It was established in the late 1980s and is also known as Le Visa pour l'Image. During the period of late August to mid-September sites of historic interest, are dedicated to photojournalistic expositions from around the world. Admission to all the expositions is free.

For more information, call Tel 04-68-66-18-00 or visit

La Villa Duflot

109 ave. Victor Dalbiez, Perpignan. This restaurant avec chambres is the most tranquil oasis in the area. The owner, André Duflot, employs excellent chefs who concoct amazing dishes with skill and professionalism. The salad of warm squid or a platter of fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar are recommended for a starter or a light lunch.

The foie gras of duckling is not to be missed. Try one of the two new specialties, gratin of lobster and a succulent fillet of duckling with figs. The sensational fresh peaches in Banyuls wine is the perfect desert to finish a magnificent meal. There is also an American bar on the premises. Open daily from noon to 2.30 pm and again from 8 am to 11 am.

Le Campo Santo

The cloister of the Saint John's cathedral was built in the beginning of the 14th century. The cemetery in the cloister is the largest and the most ancient example of its kind, preserved in France.

The present building consists of four galleries of 54 m high. They shelter on three sides, a group of "enfeus" which is a flat bottomed funerary niche

Each "enfeu" is cut into marble limestone and is marked with the shield bearing the coat of arms of the rich families of the Catalan nobility and bourgeoisie. A central vault was built in the ground in 1321 to bury the less poor.

For more information visit the Office Municipal du Tourisme within the Palais des Congrès, place Armand-Lanoux, Tel 04-68-66-30-30


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L'instant Zen - Restaurant or Cafe

This is a newly opened cafe and it is really lovely little place. Just the place to use free internet, listen to music and have a coffee etc. It has a French Chef and British owner and so all tastes catered for. The expat and the local! it's in the center of town, on 46 Rue Jean Payra


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