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Weekend Breaks to Paris

Planning a short break to Paris? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Paris. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Paris. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Grand Hotel Jeanne d’Arc

These stylish rooms all have showers, toilets and TV’s. Located on a quiet side-street in the 4’eme, 2 of the ground-floor rooms are wheelchair accessible. This hotel is quite popular so bookings must be made 2 months in advance.3 rue de Jarente. (Tel: 01 48 87 62 11).

L’As du Falafel

“the best falafel in the world, particularly the special eggplant falafel with hot sauce”. These were the words used by rocker Lenny Kravitz to describe this cheerfully decorated kosher place 34 rue des Rosiers (Tel: 01 48 87 63 60)

Rex Club

Although not very exclusive as most of their local clubs are, this clubs DJ line-up is most selective. Cutting-edge techno, break beats, and hip hop fusion from international DJs pound over the speaker system, while young break-dancers and veteran clubbers fill this casual, subterranean venue. The club has a large dance floor and one of the best music systems in Paris. 5 bd. Poissonneire, 2’eme (Tel: 0142361096)

Puces de St-Ouen

In the Middle Ages, this market on the edge of the city was used by merchants to resell the cast-off clothing of the wealthy aristocrats to peasant folk. Now it's a massive highly structured market which contains anything from antique armoires and fine silverware to LPs and vintage 60s hippie gear. Porte de Clignancourt, 18'eme

City of light Express

If you think you know mayhem, visit Pl. d'Italie at 9:45pm on Friday night to wintess the "Roller Rally" which winds throughout the city with 5000 skaters in tow. Order is maintained barely by the fleet of 30 swift-footed policemen on skates which accompany the Rally.

Notre Dame

This Paris cathedral, which tool almost 200 years to complete, is one of the most magnificent achievements of of Gothic architecture. It was here that Joan of Arc was tried and condemned to burn in 1429, and where Napoleon was crowned Epmeror in 1804. Its highlight is the 3 spectacular rose windows, which have remained virtually unchanged since the 13th century. (Tel: 01 42 34 56 10)

Eiffel Tower

Probably the most recognisable and well known structure in all of France. But dispite its fame today, it faced massive opposition from Paris artistic and literary elite when it was built in 1889. In 1909 it was almost torn down but was spared by the invention of radio, as it proved an ideal platform for transmitting antennae. This 318m high, 9,100 ton structure is a must visit when in France .7'eme (Tel: 01 44 11 23 23)


It was constructed in 1190 as a fortress and rebuilt in the mid-16th century as a yoral palace, it later became a public museum in 1793. It has been reconstructed so many times, that all that remains of the original building is the foundations, on display in the museum basement. Its most famous work is undoubtedly Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa". To get anything more than the briefest of glimpses, several serious visits will need to be done. 1'eme (Tel: 01 40 20 53 17)


The Bastille is the most famous nonexistent monument in Paris. This royal fortress and prison was originally commissioned to safeguard the eastern entrance to Paris. The prison was demolished shortly after Revolutionaries stormed it on 14 July 1789, and some of its stones have since been incorporated into the Pont de la Concorde. Today the site where it stood is known as Place de la Bastille, with the 52m Colonne de Juillet, constructed in 1830 in the centre. 4, 11, 12 'eme

Moulin Rouge

If by chance you have seen the Hollywood Blockbusters by the same name, you should know a little of this nightclub founded in 1889 and known for its twice-nightly "revue" (10pm & 12pm) of nearly naked chorus girls.

Now-a-days it's an area over run by mimes, buskers, tacky souvenior shops and commercial artists. (tel: 01 53 09 82 82) 82 Blvd de Clichy.

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Art Gallery Paris Montmartre - contemporary Artists direct - Cultural Attraction

In the center of Paris Montmartre, visit the art gallery "ART STUDIO PARIS MONTMARTRE". International artists direct. 38 Rue Damremont, 75018 Paris, France. By appointment only: +33/(0)142591999

DisneyLand Paris - Tourist Attraction

An exciting ay for all the family going on many of the rides. It might be expensive but it is well worth the money


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