Tampere Weekend Breaks

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Weekend Breaks to Tampere

Planning a short break to Tampere? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Tampere. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Tampere. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.


This arboretum consists of a couple of parks, of which the Hatanpaanpuisto Kartano is the old mansion park. Some of the plants date back to the 18th Century when the mansion was owned by Hans Henrik Boije.

The layout of the terrain and the outline of the walkways are influenced by the English parks, as that was fashionable at the time.The walks around the home lead to the shores of Lake Pyhajarvi, where 2 old spruces with a multiple crown, called the Hat and Cap are planted. These spruces date back to the 18th Century and were named after the political parties of that time.

The Arboretum was started in 1971 and is constructed on filled land. It specialises in plants that thrive in the Tampere region and in 1994 a rock garden was created with over 100 perennials, all thriving on rocky ground.

The rock garden also gives you the opportunity of observing different types of natural stone and concrete materials.

Central Square

This is in the heart of Tampere and is where the locals meet and all the buslines intersect. The Square plays host to many festivals, being the New Year, First of May and Tampere Day.It is surrounded by many beautiful buildings, a few of them built in the Finnish Art nouveau, the oldest being the Old Church, built in 1824.One of the more important ones, is the Old City Hall, completed in 1890. It is used today for civic receptions and the annual Declaration of Peace for Christmas is read aloud from the balcony.

For more of the inner city treasures, visit www.tampere.if

Pyynikki Ridge

his is an impressive reminder of the glacial period and rises between Lake Nasijarvi and Lake Pyhajarvi. The fresh pine forest of Pyynikki Park, below the ridge, is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the town. At the foot of the ridge, lies Lake Pyharjarvi where the Summer theatre is held and where a popular local beach is. The Pyynikki Tower was built in 1929 at the top of Pyynikki Ridge and offers views above the pine forest of Tampere and a view of the ridge in all its glory and splendour.

Nasinneula Observation Tower

This is a landmark in Tampere and is its best known building. It stands 168m by the shore of lake Nasijarvi and is the highest observation tower amongst the Nordic countries. You can see a fantastic panorama view of the city centre and the somewhat 200 lakes surrounding the city limits.

Central Museum of Labour in Finland

Vaninolinnan aukio 8. This is a special museum which hosts exhibitions on social history, workers traditions and the history of work. Some exhibitions include the "Story of Generations", about a working-class family in Tampere between 1830 and 1920, "The Extraordinary Tampere", about Tampere's traditions and peculiarities. The Steam-engine museum is also part of the central museum.

The Central museums has its own website at www.tkm.fi

Haihara Art Centre

Haiharankatu 32, Haihara manor in Kaukajarvi. While the main building hosts exhibitions all year around, in summer there are arts and handicraft shops,puppet theatre, park concerts and other cultural events, the outer buildings houses exhibitions such as " Up and Down" - a work of art in space, light and sound and "Hard Soil, Soft Skin, a photgraph and oil painting exhibition


Finland is the blue land of over 2571 lakes, with the Tampere region in the western part of the Finnish lake district. Most of the lakes are well-stocked, with many interesting and diverse fishing sites. Most of the lakes are over a hectre in size, with the average depth being 11 metres. Fishing season starts when the ice melts in early May to the end of November, although the bigger lakes do not freeze over until December. During this time, species like zander and many others await your line and hook.


Hameenpuisto 20. This is based on author-artist Tove Jansson's ( 1914 - 2001) original Moomin production and includes books, illustrations and three-dimensional tableaus. The pearl of the collection is the blue five-storey miniature Moomin house, where every room is lit, from the sauna downstairs, to the guest room at the top. "The Storey House" interactive computer application allows you to wander from room to room and admire the many fascinating details. The collection also includes over 1000 fairy-tale illustrations and sketches, with "The Original Moominvalley" programme providing you with the opportunity to see the original Moominvalley works.

It is situated in the heart of Tampere in the City Library Metso, also known for its architecture. For more information about Moominvalley, you can e-mail them at mummi@tampere.fi

Tallipiha Stable Yards

Open Monday to Sunday and located in the heart of Tampere, the Tallipiha Stable Yard were a part of the Finlayson factory community that dominated the city of Tampere over 100 years ago.The stable yards were the domain of the factory owners horses and the staff that were needed to care for the horses.

The Russian-style cottages with their beautiful garden surrounds have been restored to their 1800's appearance and made home to a range of gift shops, artisan's workshops and a cafe. A old-time horse cab awaits you outside the cafe in summer to take you around. Entrance is free and only the cafe is closed on a Monday.

Lake Cruises

With so many lakes around and being in part of the Finnish Lake District, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of taking a lake cruise and enjoy a cruise from Tampere to Virrat or to Hameenlinna, the oldest town in Finland.

The cruises range in time, with the longest being 8 hours and they run daily in summer. From Tampere, you can also cruise to Vilkinsaari, a popular summer recreation area on lake Pyhajarvi, where most locals head for on a nice summers day.

For various options and cruise companies, go to www.tampere.fi/wheretogo

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