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Weekend Breaks to Tallinn

Planning a short break to Tallinn? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Tallinn. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Tallinn. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

The Old Town

just to wander through these old, winding, cobbled streets allows you to take in the atmosphere of medieval times, with its walls and turrets still fully intact, it is truly a city that reflects an era long gone. For further info you can call the Ekspress hotline - 6 313 222 - a free call for English advice on most things you may need.

The eve of Jaanipäev

A local festival on the night of 23 June celebrates midsummer. It is traditionally celebrated by heading into countryside to dance, sing and make merry around bonfires. A huge search is on for the mystical fern flower which is said to only bloom that night. This blossom supposedly brings luck to anyone who finds it.


Tallinn is built on a hill (Toompea) and has many places to visit. You can start at the 1380 gatetower at the west end of Pikk in the lower town. There's the Russian Orthodox Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral on Lossi plats at the top of Pikk jalg., Toompea Castle, originally build by the Danes in 1219 and a Lutheran cathedral built in 1233 known as Toomkirik at the north end of Toom-Kooli with it's carved tombs.

Kadriorg Park

2km east of Tallinn's Old Town, along Narva maantee (take tram No. 1 or 3 or bus No. 1 from Parnu maantee in from of Tammsaare Park to the Kohvik (cafe) Kadriorg). A pretty wooded park with oak, lilac and horse chestnut trees that is also home to Kadriorg Palace (1718 - 1736) which is situated at Weizenbergi tee 37. The palace is now the residence of the president of Estonia.

Peter the Great Home Museum

Also within the Kadriorg Park, just behind the Kadriorg Palace, this was originally the little cottage built for Peter to live while the palace was being built.

Raekoja Plats

The Town Hall Square, in the Old Town, is alive with activity during summer. Loads of open-air cafes and bars operated just for the summer months and sell a wide variety of foods from light snacks and fast foods to traditional kotlett and lots of Saku beer. The Maharaja Restaurant at Raekoja plats 13 serves excellent Indian food. It is pricey though, so be warned. Alternatively there's Eeslitall, just off Raekoja plats, at Dunkri 4. A lively and bright atmosphere with an wide variety of dishes to choose from.


There are many facilities throughout Estonia, but at Tallin's Hotell Olumpia you will experience the most luxurious sauna of all. On the 26th floor are two saunas with fantastic views from the plunge pool of the Old Town t the islands in the bay. Each sauna takes about 10 people for about 2 hours at a time. You need to make a reservation (Tel - 6315 333) and check on prices. This facility is more expensive than most but if you go, you will see why. For a cheaper version, the best public sauna in Tallinn is at Vana Kalamaja 9a (which is a 2 minute walk from the station).

Lower Town North Pikk

from Raekoja plats to the Great Coast Gate (the medieval exit to the port). This section is lined with medieval houses that date back to the 15th century. Pikk 17 is the 1440 building of the Great Guild to which most important merchants belonged. It now houses the History Museum which is open daily, except Wednesday. For further information please call the travel agency Karol (Tel - 454 900) who will offer info and advice to the budget traveller.

The Hell Hunt Bar (Gentle Wolf)

Pikk 39 - an Irish pub with live music most nights. The atmosphere is not for the faint-hearted once things get going. They serve imported beers as well as their locally produced draught beer on tap. You can also get a good meal at the bar all the way through to closing time being the early hours of the morning.

Baltika Folk Festival

held in Tallinn in July. A full week of music, dance, exhibitions and parades with the major theme being Baltic traditions.

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