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Weekend Breaks to Zealand

Planning a short break to Zealand? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Zealand. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Zealand. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Carlsberg Brewery Visitor Centre

Copenhagen. This one is for dedicated lager drinkers. The centre takes you through the history of brewing beer and the Carlsberg Company’s past. There are models of the old workers' quarters and antiquated brewing machinery, also an interesting selection of old photos and diagrams.

Free beer is handed out at the end of your visit, which most people are very appreciative of.

Rosenborg Slot

Copenhagen. This palace was built in Dutch Renaissance style by Christian IV to serve as his summer home. It now houses a museum and the treasury where the awesome collection of royal regalia and jewels are kept. There is a public viewing room where you can inspect jewellery, which include Christian IV's ornate crown; a jewel-studded sword of Christian III; and the present Queen Margrethe II's emeralds and pearls.


Copenhagen. One of the most fascinating districts in Copenhagen is the area called Christiania. This was an abandoned military camp, which was taken over in 1971 by squatters who subsequently declared it as their own 'free state’. Although Christiana has never achieved full independence it enjoys a tax and rent- -free status. Cars aren't allowed here but you can walk or cycle through the area and enjoy the lively, arts scene, the craft market and organic food cafés. There are even guided tours daily throughout the summer period.


The city has been Denmark's capital for over 600 years, it's an attractive city which is full of life. There is a really long pedestrian mall, called Stroget, which has great shops and lots of entertainment, from street theatre to people watching. The well-known Tivoli funfair amuses the kids, young and old, and the cosmopolitan Latin Quarter where lively beer gardens and farm stalls are always full of people enjoying the numerous buskers.


Denmark is very much a bicycle-friendly country which has thousands of kilometres of recognized cycling routes. The most popular cycling tour in the Zealand area is the 12-kilometre ride north of Copenhagen to Dyrehaven; the route passes through some pleasant woodland trails and skirts round the Oresund coastline. It is easy to hire a bike for a day or so and getting out and about is the best way to see the Zealand countryside.


This ancient town is about 45km north of Copenhagen, It is home to the spectacular fortress of Kronborg, which was Shakespeare’s inspiration for "Elsinore Castle” in Hamlet. The town is also a busy port, with ferries constantly disgorging hordes of Swedes who come here to buy (to them) cheap Danish booze.

Helsingor medieval quarter

This is full of well-preserved medieval buildings. Stengade is the main street which is linked by narrow alleyways to Axeltorv, the town's tiny market square. This is a good place to linger over a beer and indulge in a spot of people watching. Also in the old town are an attractive church and the Karmeliterklosteret Monastery, which originally was used as a hospital where brain operations were carried out. The gruesome tools used during the operations are on display in the Town Museum next door, if you can pluck up the courage to look.


Is the ancient capitol of Denmark and people have lived there since prehistoric times. The city thrived in the 12th century and for a while longer but after the Reformation it became a market town. These days it's famous for its summer rock festival and its cathedral, the awesome Roskilde Domkirkew that is one of Denmark’s most important religious sites. The cathedral was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and the magnificent tombs of twenty Danish kings and seventeen queens in four enormous chapels dominate the interior.

Viking Ship Museum

The museum is located on the waterfront of Roskilde Fjord. It houses workshops where full-sized working replicas of Viking longboats are built and the original wooden hulls of five Vikings boats which were retrieved from the fjord, where, it is thought that they had been sunk to block invading forces. The workshops, together with the exhibits, give an impressive view of the Vikings' nautical skills in boat building, and their ability to travel huge distances.


Copenhagen is not just Denmark but Scandinavia's party town, and has an amazing nightlife scene. The city has the most liberal drinking laws in Scandinavia and hordes of Europeans, particularly Swedes, descend on the city in search of a good time.

A wide range of clubs and bars cater to party animals of all ages and the most exclusive club in town is the Nasa-Slide-Fever at Boltens

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