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Weekend Breaks to Aarhus

Planning a short break to Aarhus? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Aarhus. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Aarhus. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.


This modern building is home to the City’s tourist office, which is an attraction in its own right. It was finished in 1941 and since then has been the cause of much dispute, the populace seem to either love it or hate it. The exterior is not great but the interior with its open-plan corridors and vast quantities of glass is quite spectacular.

Above the entrance hangs an enormous mural called,’ A Human Society’, which symbolically depicts the city emerging from World War II to face the future with hope. The walls of the small Civic Room are covered by elaborate floral designs in which artist Albert Nauru, concealed the Allied forces insignia, while working during the Nazi occupation.

There are guided tours of the building if you want to explore it properly.

The Concert Hall

The glass-fronted building, a short walk from the Radius, was opened in 1982 and is the city's main venue for classical music and operatic productions. The building is quite interesting but the small café located inside is worth a visit as free concerts are often held there, sometimes by a string quartet at others by a solo violinist. The box office and the tourist office will provide you with a list of forthcoming concerts

Den Gamle By (The Old Town)

Viborgve . This is the best-known attraction, in Aarhus. It is an open-air museum of traditional Danish life comprising of approximately seventy-five half-timbered townhouses, which include a Mayor’s House from 1597. These have been transferred here from all over Denmark. Many of the buildings are used for their original purpose, as the intention of the museum is to recreate an Old Danish market town. To this end there are bakers and craftsmen etc.

Århus Art Museum

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade The museum provides a good insight to Danish Art through the years. There are formal portraits and landscapes by Jens Juel, and domestic scenes by Jørgen Sonne. There are also works by more internationally known artists such as Vilhelm Hammershoi, plus a lot of worthwhile modern art. The building itself is of interest as it is considered to be an excellent example of modern Danish architectur

Natural History Museum and Steno Museum

Both of these museums are located on the university campus. The Natural History Museum has a large collection of stuffed birds and animals plus exhibits on Danish ecology. The Sten Museum concentrates on medical subjects and has a small planetarium on site. The architecture of the campus buildings is also worth taking a look at as like the Art Museum it is of modern Danish style. That is built with red bricks and having white-framed rectangular windows, with no decorative details.


The Cathedral is the longest church in Denmark, by a long way. The interior has been built in the main in a plain Gothic style. The original church was erected in the twelfth-century but was destroyed by fire. A new structure was built in the fifteenth-century .At the eastern end of the church is a superb huge tripartite altarpiece. The painted glass window behind the altar is spectacular when the sun hits it.


Avoid the tourist traps in the Domkirke and Store Torv and head for the such as Mejlgade, Vestergade and Nørre Alle. Also try the restaurants and cafes in Skolegade Street. These are unpretentious and excellent value for money. If you want to splash out Åboulevarden on the northern bank of the Århus River has number fashionable restaurants.

Århus Festival

Held annually in the first week of September, the festival hosts a huge and varied number of art events This is an excellent time to visit the city if you are a party animal as, apart from festival happenings, the city swings even more than usual. Arthus is considered to be the only city in Denmark with nightlife to match that of Copenhagen so don’t expect to sleep much while you are there.

Marselisborg Skov

This is a huge park just outside the city. Located within the park are the city’s sports stadiums, including one devoted to horse trotting? The Danish Royals also have a summer home here, called Marselisborg Slot, whose landscaped grounds are open to the public for free during daylight hours when the Royals are absent.

Further south the landscape in the park changes into a dense forest, which has numerous footpaths, but it is very easy to get lost here.


Vester Allé 15 This is the top music venue in the city. The cream of Denmark’s music scene play here. As do many top international acts.

The music played covers a wide spectrum which ranges from hip hop to world music.

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