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Weekend Breaks to Limassol

Planning a short break to Limassol? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Limassol. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Limassol. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Kolossi Castle

The castle is situated just outside Limassol and it towers over countryside full of vineyards. You get to it by crossing a short drawbridge, which in ancient times was defended from high above by boiling oil and pouring it onto the heads of prospective invaders.

A spiral staircase takes you up to the roof and the restored battlements. The castle was built by the Order of St John of Jerusalem in the 13th century and was restored in 1933 by the British.


Limassol plays host to the premier festivals in Cyprus.

(a) The pre-Lenten carnival has fancy dress balls, street parades and lots of festivities.

(b) The Wine Festival in September is a stunning wine gala where the wine flows freely for both locals and visitors to enjoy, courtesy of the local wineries.

The Temple of Kourion (Curium)

west of Limassol. The site has several Greek and Roman ruins and classical music concerts and Shakespearean plays are occasionally staged in the amphitheatre. Located next to the theatre is the Villa of Eustolios which is a summer house built by a wealthy Christian. Close by is a wonderful partially rebuilt Roman stadium.


In the centre of Limassol you will find the elegant, modern shops of Makarios Avenue. There are designer goods sold here and you will even find a Marks and Spencer outlet. If you are in the market for local handicrafts such as lace and silver, try the shops in the old part of town, where local handicrafts prevail.


Located in the old town in an old colonial house, the dining rooms are situated in what were previously reception rooms. There is a vast and delicious buffet bar to start with followed by a series of meat dishes and a trip to the sweet trolley, or you can have crepe suzette made while you wait. The prices are slightly higher than the typical Cypriot meze but still great value.

The Auld Triangle Disco

89 George Street. If you feel like having a real good party then the Auld Triangle Disco is all about letting go and having a fabulous night. The Music covers the best of every of every decade, from the 60’s onwards to today’s latest charts. There are no less than five permanent Resident D.J's which guarantees a different set every night. You can even buy yourself a t-shirt or a triangle medallion when you leave.


The 1000-year-old capital city is a must for any visitor to Cyprus. It is situated roughly in the centre of the island, within easy reach of Limassol. Solid fortress walls built by the Venetians in the 16th century encircle the old walled city; it has many historical buildings and monuments of historical interest. The city is also home to the infamous "Green Line" that divides the Republic from the Turkish Northern Cyprus. Nicosia is the only divided city in Europe.

Troodos Mountains

A trip to the mountains will be a welcome change after the heat of Limassol. Popular with hikers, there are pleasant walking trails, ancient monasteries, winemaking villages and even a ski resort.

Platres, the principal resort in the south of the region was originally a colonial hill station. In the western Troodos you will find Pedoulas which is home to the Church of Arhangelos Mihail. The Solea district, in the north of the region is strewn with picturesque little villages and monasteries.

Kykkos and Asinou Monasteries

The Kykkos Monastery which is in the western Troodus, is the most famous of the many monasteries in the mountains. It was built in the 12th century but has been completely renovated and now houses a museum of religious icons. The most beautiful of the monasteries in the Troodos is probably Asinou it’s a bit out of the way but worth the effort to find it.

St. Nicholas of the Cats

Edge of Akrotiri village. Cats not the usual nuns apparently occupy this peaceful convent. According to local legend, the cats are the descendants of the animals St. Helena imported into the country in the 4th century AD to cut down the local snake population.

Their ancestors seem to have been successful as today the many cats in residence appear to be more inclined to laze around in the sun than do anything else.

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