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Weekend Breaks to Larnaca

Planning a short break to Larnaca? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Larnaca. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Larnaca. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

St. Lazarus

A visit to the beautiful Byzantine Church of St. Lazarus situated in the centre of the city is very worthwhile. The church is one of the most cherished sites in Cyprus as it is reputed to hold the remains of St Lazarus.

According to local legend, after he was brought back to life by Jesus, Lazarus became the first bishop of Larnaca, He is reputedly buried in a crypt under the main altar.


Larnaca boasts a 200 berth yachting marina. The harbour perimeter consists of a lovely palm lined promenade where you can meander along and check out all of the yachts and sailing vessels that have sailed here from all over the globe. Sit at one of the inviting cafés and tavernas under a shady parasol and take in the beautiful views of the harbour and the ocean while sipping a glass of ouzo and deciding what to order from the extensive menus.

The Larnaca Archaeological museum

The museum is situated in an old fort. and was built in approximately 1625. It was originally used as a prison and now contains a large variety of finds from the Larnaca area. These range from the Neolithic Age right through to the Roman Period, there are also exhibits from the finds at Kit ion and you can find out how the people of the Neolithic ages lived. The garden also contains a few exhibits that are worth examining.

The Pierides Foundation Museum

This is the other, must see, museum in Larnaca as it was essential for the preservation of Cypriot artefacts. In the nineteenth century it was discovered that many archaeological artefacts were being sold by dealers to museums abroad. The dealers were receiving huge sums of money for these artefacts so were anxious to sell as many as possible and precious pieces were being lost to the country... In 1839 Demetrios Pierides decided that the best way to thwart the dealers was to open a museum and start buying artefacts to enable them to be kept in Cyprus.

The Great Salt Lake

situated by the nearby airport it comprises of a single large lake, where in the summer months the salt is collected and three smaller lakes. The main lake is the largest, and the deepest at approximately seven feet lower than sea level. If you visit Larnaca during the winter months you must take a trip out to the lakes as at that time of year it is home to thousands of fabulous pink flamingos, the sight of all theses birds is awe inspiring. Close by the lake you'll also find the tekke (grave) of Hala Sultan who is reputed to be an aunt of Muhammad.


There are several lovely beaches in or near Larnaca. The Phinnikoudes Beach is located on the palm-lined seafront of Larnaca and is the ideal place for sunbathing and chilling out. Nearby are numerous shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment within walking distance from the beach. The harbour is located nearby and there you can hire a boat there to take you out and about. Another excellent beach is Makenzie Beach, which is known for its lovely white sand and clear blue waters. There are a number of watersports facilities based here. These include scuba diving which is a very popular sport on this part of the island. Mackenzie Beach also has a large choice of excellent restaurants, which are famous for their local Cypriot cuisine and especially the fresh fish.

Sporting Activities

There are several sporting events and tournaments held on the CTO beach. These include sports such as handball and volleyball, which attract an audience of keen spectators. If you want a change from the usual swimming and tanning sessions there are a wide selection of watersports to choose from. You will also find a few beach bars and a children’s playground.

Stavrovouni Monastery

Stavrovouni when translated means mountain of the cross, this is because of its location on a rocky peak. It is reputed to have been founded by Saint Helena who was the mother of Constantine the Great, in the 4th century, who left a fragment of the Holy Cross. Daily visits to the monastery, are allowed but women are not allowed to enter the building.

The Kataklysmos

Some forty days after Easter, the town of Larnaca explodes into activity as the population starts to celebrate the Kataklysmos. Many of the people walk into the sea and start splashing each other with water. These celebrations are held in honour of Aphrodite the goddess of love who, according to Greek mythology was believed to have been born at Petra tou Romiou, a series of rock formations situated off the south coast of Cyprus.

The annual Larnaca fair takes place at the same time as the Kataklysmos. This is held on the Larnaca Promenade and adults and children alike will find it a lot of fun.


Take a short trip out to the historic village of Lefkara which is located on the southeastern foothills of the Troodos Mountains. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful villages on Cyprus and is famous for its Cypriot Lefkaritika lace making which you can purchase there.

The traditions of the village are interesting and the surrounding area is very beautiful.

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