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Weekend Breaks to Graz

Planning a short break to Graz? Check out Travel Library's recommended Top 10 Things To Do in Graz. It's a perfect companion for weekend city breaks to Graz. Once you've been you can add your own tips and suggestions to help other visitors.

Mausoleum and Cathedral

The nearest station is at Hauptplatz and together these are one of the towns main attractions. The Mausoleum is dedicated to the Emperor Ferdinand II, to the north lies St Catherine's Church and his wife Marie Anna and mother, Maria is buried in the southern of the 2 sections.Herzgruftl is another section where the hearts of some Hapsburg family members are buried.

The cathedral was built in the 15th century and although much has been damaged it still retains much of it's charm and is well worth investigating.


This is like a sports club that centres around a large lake and attracts the trendy set of the town and families.Not as large as the similar Schwarzlteiche and more for the young and singles to meet, so if you like playing hard and partying harder this is the venue for you. Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and beach parties can be enjoyed and the place buzzes at night.

There is a web site for more information about coming events -


A lovely Graz institution to be found at Schlossbergbahn. The local traditions are to be seen throughout the hotel, with antique furniture in all rooms accompanied by fine views, the advantage of up to date facilities and close enough to stroll to the town centre. The unique rooftop pool is not recommended for the winter months. They often offer weekend specials which can be seen on their web site -

If you can get in here for a break you will enjoy yourself.


Just about the most impressive building out of the many in this old Austrian city which is the capital of the state of Styria, it dates back 500 years and is the home of the Styrian local government. The walk up the gothic double winding great fun and worth the effort.The stone work in this structure is very impressive and typically European.

For more information on this and more Graz attractions go to the Graz web site –


antastic venue for open-air summer concerts and films in the romantic setting of Landhaushof. Imagine listening to Strauss in the land of his birth or any of the classics, with a picnic and some good wine. Regular soirees are held here. If you enjoy this then the Monday night concerts at Eggenburg Castle will also thrill you.

To find out more about the varied programmes just pop along to Graz Information, Herrengasse 16 in the centre of town or


You will find this interesting street in the town centre. Sniff around for a good bargain as there are lots of antique shops in the area and some grand buildings. On the corner of the Schlossbergplatz is the ornate Palais Atterns which is a find for the lover of baroque archetechture. It now is home to the offices of the Styriate music festival. Schlossbergstiege is opposite and leads to the herb garden and clock tower.

More info can be had at the tourist office at Herrengasse 16 or the Graz webpage,


This attraction won’t take a minute as this 100 year old clock reveals a little man and woman in traditional garb turn the chimes at 11am, 3pm and 6pm only. As in all things in this part of the world they are right on time, but if you should miss it there are plenty of things to see in the area.

Why not stop by the nearby tourist information office on Herrengasse 16 or if you are on the internet go to,

Farmers Markets

One of the popular ways of purchasing fruit, vegetables or flowers is at either the market on Kaiser Josef Platz or the Lendplatz. The whole area is blessed with the perfect soil for growing delicious fruit and veg also the flowers make for a very colourful display. The farmers bring their produce freshly picked so you are sure to get quality. Sample the Kaferbohnen which is pumpkin seed oil and is tasty as a salad dressing.

Jazz Café Stockwerk

You can reach this fantastic lively Jazz venue by taking the train to Jakominiplatz station or just walk from the city centre to catch Local and international giants of the Jazz world performing here regularly. Everything from jamming sessions or if the mood takes they might have Blues sessions. If you happen to be in the area in the daytime it is a great place to relax over a cup of coffee and snack .

They have there own web site for upcoming events at,


Industriepark Nord is the nearest station to this fantastic club that is sectioned off into three parts, the first being for the "oldies" playing hits from the 60s and 70s.

The main part is called Kokomo and is a sort of rave venue with disco and techno music blaring and a large dance floor. The third section is more laid-back for the pop and rock fan with a nice cafe. Bars line all the areas and you are sure to have a good time whatever your taste.

They have a web site to check out -

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