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By Rail Through Paraguay, Chile & Argentina 1995
  • Colin J. Churcher, 15th Feb 2005
  • Paraguay I rode the Paraguay Railway as part of the Trains Unlimited tour in November 1995. We rode the entire main line from...

Big Brother in BA
  • Roderick Eime, Australia, 25th Mar 2005
  • One of the first things that struck me about BA was Argentina’s native version of the humble Ford Falcon. Back home in Australia we are all used to seeing a continually evolving family sedan...

Riding through Argentina and Chile
  • Edward Unruh, United States, 28th Mar 2005
  • It had already been 5 days since we first set our feet on Argentine soil. Those first 5 days were a smorgasbord of self planned tours, including an overnight trip from Buenos Aires to Uruguay by...

Tigre Delta Islands Boat Tour
  • Santiago, Argentina, 20th Aug 2005
  • The delta is one of those unforgettable sites that remain forever in the memory of its visitors. Sailing across this area is the best choice to get to know its rivers, its islands and its people...

Girls Gone Wild - Buenos Aires
  • Linda, United States, 19th Oct 2007
  • Susan and I were studying abroad for 4 months in Argentina. Three of the months were in Buenos Aires. The first two months were great. We frequented cafes in the morning, had dinner in many...