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Neqemgelisa on Vancouver Island
  • C.W. Lee, 04th Feb 2005
  • Neqemgelisa (pronounced, approximately, as neckum-ga- lisa) is a term from the Wakashan family of Indian languages. The various Indian tribes that live on Vancouver Island...

Hogging Logs on Vancouver Island
  • C.W. Lee, 04th Feb 2005
  • Hog is a slang railroad term for locomotive, and the engineer is sometimes referred to as a hogger. During the month of November, 1998, I was, briefly, a guest hogger on the...

Things to do in and around Vancouver
  • David Dalton, 11th Feb 2005
  • Long Day or Weekend Trips go to Whistler, a local ski resort town 3 hours away. On the way there or back, stop off at an oceanside...