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Israel Travelogue
  • Rick Bakker, 04th Feb 2005
  • Ben Gurion Airport, December 24th, 11.45 pm: another planeload of refugees arrives. This year my Christmas exodus has brought me to Israel, police state with a human face....

A High School Graduation Present: Israel and Egypt
  • Tom Balabanov, 11th Feb 2005
  • My name is Tom Balabanov, I am a 45 year old man. My 19 year old daughter, Elizabeth asked me to take her to Egypt as a graduation present. As I have always wanted to go I...

Israel and Egypt Travelogue
  • Mark Nowak, 11th Feb 2005
  • Copyright 1995 Mark S. Nowak Index of days: February 23, 1995: Chicago -> Amsterdam...

Farcical Sinai Safari during the Gulf War
  • Nathan Lipson, 11th Feb 2005
  • I'll add some illustrations when I get around to learning html. One hazy afternoon in January of 1991 I was lounging outside a Cairo teahouse, reading an English...

Israel in Watercolor: 'watercolor snapshots' of the Holy Land
  • Howard Salmon, United States, 12th Aug 2005
  • I’ve always fantasized about being a traveling artist. Back in art school, when I studied art history, I was enamored by the paintings of Eugene Velasquez, as he traveled to the Orient and came...

Israel and Jordan Dec 2006
  • John Mittler, Finland, 28th Mar 2007
  • Two-week journey to the Middle East on 19 Dec 2006 — 02 Jan 2007: the sights, feelings and thoughts Narrative by John Joe Mittler, Finland. HTML version with 375 photos is available at...

Palm Sunday Parade in Jerusalem
  • David\, Israel, 19th Apr 2009
  • On 5th April 2009 a very special event took place in Jerusalem. This rare event allures thousands of people from all around the globe, as well as locals who call it the "Jerusalem Carnival" and...