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Scotland: highlights of a recent visit
  • Michael Bates, 04th Feb 2005
  • My wife and I visited Scotland and Northern Ireland in early June 1994. We rented a car in each place and more or less let the itinerary evolve with the weather and our mood....

Assynt, The Scottish Highlands
  • Robin Richmond, United Kingdom, 28th Feb 2005
  • On the surface Sutherland, the most northern region in the Scottish mainland, is strangely named. However, like many of the places in this historic region its title reflects its Nordic past –...

Reisebericht der Schottland-/Irlandfahrt
  • Lothar Fritsch, 11th Feb 2005
  • von Lothar Fritsch ( Nachdruck nur mit Genehmigung des Chronisten....

Dave's Guide to Scotland
  • Dave McKenzie, 11th Feb 2005
  • Introduction I originally wrote this for my work colleagues at Apple Computer in Sydney, Australia, where I was working for a few...

Scotland With The Lads 2005
  • Ren Withnell, United Kingdom, 18th Aug 2005
  • There's a group of lads I usually go out with on a Friday night. I know them from Rivi, the local biker haunt. We go to town and they drink and being teetotal I drive. We have a laugh and look at...

Under the bridge
  • Aram McLean, Canada, 18th Feb 2009
  • The day started as most days do - in the morning time. Leigh and I decided to hitchhike to Ullapool; the thriving metropolis of around 2,000 people situated twenty-six miles away. Arriving...

A Weekend in the Highlands
  • Aram McLean, Canada, 23rd Feb 2009
  • A Weekend in the Highlands Cast of characters: Andrew: Fellow Canadian from Calgary who is partaking in a University exchange to Dundee, Scotland. Dark-skinned, tall, strapping rugby player...