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Turkey Travelogue
  • Hans en Mirjam Damen, 11th Feb 2005
  • General Money and costs The rate of inflation is very high in Turkey. Prices hardly keep...

Old loves, new hatreds - Turkey & Eastern Europe
  • Jack Campin, 11th Feb 2005
  • Praha 7.7.92: Impressions in order of recall... let's map the way my memory patterns these events rather than try to imitate a...

Sailing through history
  • Peter Sommer, United Kingdom, 17th Jul 2005
  • TURKEY: SAILING THROUGH HISTORY Rain was smacking against the window. It was icy cold. Sitting in the dark depths of Birmingham University’s library in 1994, I was gazing out dreaming of...

Why Turkey?
  • David L. Blackburn, United States, 06th Aug 2005
  • For pictures and a slide show, go to the above link. Why Turkey? That's always the first response from someone when they hear that you are going to Turkey. Hidden in that simple question are a...

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great
  • Peter Sommer, United Kingdom, 22nd Feb 2006
  • IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT It all stemmed from a photograph in an old dusty book. The scene was of towering mountains enveloping a verdant river valley, through which Alexander...

Kozak Mountains
  • Sharon Egin, United Kingdom, 05th Jan 2007
  • Nothing could have prepared me for my first visit to the Kozak mountains which are situated just off of Bergama. I was stunned by the natural beauty as I drove around the gentle curves of the pine...