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Scandinavia & Russia Trip
  • Steve Engelhardt, 11th Feb 2005
  • Or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles along with Boats, Busses, Cable Cars Monorails, and Submarines. All told I traveled on 8 Airplanes, 9 Boats, 11 Trains, 15 Busses, 5...

The Bottom of Oslo
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 23rd Sep 2007
  • Forested hills surrounding a compact city center make Oslo nearly pot-shaped. In Norwegian, this appearance is referred to as "Oslogryta", the Oslo pot, which occasionally causes climatic...

Hammerfest - The World's Northernmost City
  • Anne-Sophie Redisch, Norway, 08th Aug 2008
  • "Reindeers have the right-of-way," they grunted, the doe and her calf crossing the road in front of me, forcing me to hit the brakes hard enough for the seat belt to really fasten. They then...