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Athens-Crete 1990
  • Ana Chiappori, 04th Feb 2005
  • This is a remembrance of a trip we did in 1990, but it was just great, I hope you enjoy yours as we did our own. Please forgive my English, I will try to be as clear as...

Greece: Cycling in the lap of the Gods
  • Paul Hellander, 04th Feb 2005
  • [Originally written on 15 April 1992] Greece is not the kind of place with which one would normally associate enjoyable cycling in...

Travelling light in Greece
  • Edward Lunny, 04th Feb 2005
  • Keep in mind that the dollars quoted are Canadian. Any questions, feel free to E-mail. Alone in Greece- hardly new ground for travel veterans but for someone middle aged who...

Greece 1992
  • Edward Lunny, 04th Feb 2005
  • This is a trip report of my 2nd trip to Greece in 1992. I went by myself the first time in 1991 and the details are in the archives. This time I brought my wife and 19 year...

Free camping in Greece
  • Arno Waal, 10th Feb 2005
  • Here's a small contribution to the travel related newsgroups for anyone interrested in free camping in the main land of Greece. I've been to Greece for 4 weeks (9th of July...

Three weeks in Greece
  • Mark Nowak, 10th Feb 2005
  • I recently returned from a three-week vacation to Greece where I had an absolutely great time. The country is more beautiful than I ever expected it to be. The people are...

  • Gopal Venkat, 10th Feb 2005
  • July 16, 1999 After spending a week in France, I returned to London and was all set for my 2-week trip to Greece. I was staying in...

Glossy Greece
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 02nd Jun 2005
  • Whoever visits the island of Andros, the northernmost of the Cyclades, will come across postcards depicting a special village: Stenies. I'm now on my way to check out whether the real Stenies lives...

Affluent Athens
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 13th Jun 2005
  • A sleepy young man, in designer stubble and smart sunglasses, is sipping coffee and reading newspapers on Kolonaki Square in Athens. The guy suddenly hisses a curse towards me, busy quenching my...

Touring Athens - My Way
  • R.A.Slowik, United States, 02nd Jul 2005
  • The Aegean Airlines Boeing 737-300 I was aboard landed at Athens International Airport around 5 p.m. on a Sunday. Maybe not the best day or time to arrive, but I had to settle for the situation....

Next Stop Paros
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 14th Jul 2005
  • Accompanied by a declining sun on a blushing sky, people flock to the harbor in Parikia to experience Highspeed 4, either as expensively paying passengers or just to admire the huge catamaran....

Greece on a Small Scale
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 08th Aug 2005
  • Greeks are friendly people. Particularly friendly, according to certain travel writers, are the inhabitants of the island of Kythnos. Statements such as these make me curious to investigate whether...

Greek Maiden Voyage
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 18th Aug 2005
  • Apart from me, only the cats seem to be out at night in Andros Town, capital of the Cycladic island of Andros, so my dinner attracts great attention. One of the cats, a big grey and white tabby,...

Strolling in Athens
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 30th Aug 2005
  • The Greek capital has squares for every taste. Squares for the rich, squares for druggies, squares for shopping and squares for rest. Moving between them can easily be done on foot, accompanied by...

Aegean's First Lady
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 23rd Sep 2005
  • Chios Town, the main town on the island of Chios, is also the First Lady of the Aegean, according to the local authorities. She is Greek to her fingertips and surprisingly indifferent towards...

Old Town Rhodes - Ancient and Modern combined
  • John Murphy, United Kingdom, 04th Oct 2005
  • Rhodes old town is very much a mixture of old and new. Established in 408BC it was developed by the Islanders, then by the Romans until the 4th century AD. As part of the Early Christian Empire the...

Among Pigs' Feet in Athens
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 01st Apr 2006
  • Skinned pigs' feet seem to enjoy a special status in the market halls of Athens - they can be found in both the meat and fish sections, neatly arranged on white shelves. If you come down Athinas...

Greek Low Season
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 06th Jun 2006
  • It's fun doing exactly the opposite of what the guidebooks recommend. So I've decided to remain in Gavrio, the port of the Greek island of Andros, instead of quickly moving on like others do....

The many faces of Skiathos.
  • Will Robins, United Kingdom, 24th Sep 2006
  • Skiathos: a modern Chimera. Here¬ís a familiar irony; that which is most beautiful is often spoilt by those who wish to share in its beauty. The small Aegean isle of Skiathos ought to be...

Stranded on the Greek island of Ios at 13 years old over one coca-cola bottle.
  • Roman Terry, United States, 07th Feb 2009
  • There could have been worse places to be stranded for a week. Of all the Greek Islands, Ios is one of the most beautiful. Dotted with windmills and white-washed villas carved into the hillsides,...