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The Loire Valley
  • Michael Zheng, 04th Feb 2005
  • Planning From the books that we read about this "countryside", we got the impression that there are plenty of hotels available in...

Breaking Away Tour de France
  • James A. Peters, 04th Feb 2005
  • July in Texas is cause for a celebration in a cooler climate. I decided to find a summer vacation which was not totally sedentary and signed on for Breaking Away's package of...

Montpeyroux Summer
  • Monica Barreto, 10th Feb 2005
  • Leaving Washington, DC for Montpeyroux Our departure from Washington, D.C. was uneventful, and the flight was quite pleasant. The...

Korsika: Eine Rucksackwanderung (Deutsch)
  • Christian Blum, 10th Feb 2005
  • (C) Copyright 1993 by Christian Blum, all rights reserved. Dieser Text gehört mir, mir allein! Einer Verbreitung in...

The Loire River Valley
  • David Stybr, 10th Feb 2005
  • I. Introduction. This is without doubt my favorite part of France. The majestic Loire River Valley is a land of rich vineyards and magnificent...

Marseilles Travel Guide
  • Alan L. Bailey, 10th Feb 2005
  • Copyright 1993, Alan L. Bailey The Airbus 320 was cruising above France's central massif and a lady from Avignon, sitting in my...

The Paris Marathon 2005
  • Terry Michael, United States, 11th May 2005
  • The run was pretty amazing. The whole day was pretty amazing, actually. We had rain every day up until the marathon and it was freezing cold. The night before, though, it all broke and things...

Medieval Carcassonne
  • Anne-Sophie Redisch, Norway, 08th Aug 2008
  • Hopping off the train at Gare de Carcassonne, I somehow expect to see the mysterious fortified La Cité immediately. Not so. Carcassonne is divided in two: la Cité occupying a plateau on...

Normandy Revisited
  • Carole, 04th Aug 2009
  • My husband and I have just returned from our trip to Normandy and we had such a wonderful time! The first few days were a little wet, but the days following were absolutely picture perfect. In...

The Hidden South of France
  • suzy, Ireland, 12th Sep 2009
  • The Hidden South of France The very words ‘The South of France’ evoke images of sophistication based on a shimmering sea, exclusive hotels and boutique villages. However an altogether different...