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Dubrovnik on a Silver Platter
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 22nd Jun 2005
  • Walking the city walls of Dubrovnik, you are served history on a silver platter, a history shaped by shrewd diplomats. At Pile Gate, a good starting point, a white poster depicts how Grad...

Croatia in Peace and Quiet
  • Terje Raa, Denmark, 18th Jan 2006
  • If looking for a peaceful retreat in the city of Split, the cathedral's bell tower might be a good place to start, 60 meters above the ground and with an unlimited view in every direction. The...

Croatia and It's Craziness
  • Susan Cava, United States, 20th Jan 2007
  • Let The Insanity Begin Croatia had always been a place I couldn't find on a map but after a friend in Zagreb repeatedly invited me and my hometown of New York City was wearing me down, I...