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Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden
  • Mark R. Leeper and Evelyn C. Leeper, 10th Feb 2005
  • 'Vilna's crooked streets, with their worn cobblestones and their picturesque arches, were the ubiquitous landmarks of the city's distant past. Bust just as enduring as any...

Castles in Europe
  • Elizabeth Schwartz, 10th Feb 2005
  • Well, it has been a week or two of FASCINATING reading! Finally, the results: Well, this was a lot of fun! The mail is still coming in and the stories have been great! I...

Eastern Europe
  • Evelyn C. Leeper, 10th Feb 2005
  • Table of Contents: Preliminaries Croatia Slovenia Austria (1) Czech Republic Austria (2) Hungary Romania Bulgaria...

Christmas and New Year's in Eastern Europe
  • Wayne Citrin, 10th Feb 2005
  • Preparations The idea of spending the Christmas and New Year's holiday in Eastern Europe first occurred to me on the train ride...

Eastern Europe
  • Mark R. Leeper, 10th Feb 2005
  • Index of days: June 1 - Leaving the United States June 2 - Arrival in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, walking the streets June 3 -...

Daves Travel Pages Sweden
  • Dave Briggs, 12th Dec 2005
  • The beginning of November 2002, and I find myself moving to Gothenburg, Sweden. I'd met a Swedish girl the year before, and we had a long distance relationship courtesy of Ryan Airs cheap... was a suprise
  • Steve, United Kingdom, 14th Jan 2006
  • I thought I would give Eastern Europe a try, ad initially thought of Bulgaria, which is well advertised. But then thought Romania, why not? I have to say that my initial views on travelling...

Spain/Portugal travels/experiences
  • Danny, United Kingdom, 09th Jun 2006
  • I want to start with myself and my brother, I am now 43 ad at the time of my first holiday as an adult I went for two weeks when I was 17 to Majorca, that was my first taste of a hot country with...

Even in the Rain, Ljubljana is Luminous
  • Susan Cava, United States, 24th Apr 2007
  • I was convinced I was heading to Dracula’s castle even though my train ticket said Ljubljana, Slovenia. The train weaved its way through a valley of foggy, ominous hills while large, stern...

The Wicklow Way in Winter
  • Suzy, Ireland, 09th Apr 2009
  • The Wicklow Way in Winter The Wicklow Way is Ireland’s most popular way marked trail- winding over 100 kilometres through the high heather hills south of Dublin. It’s proximity to the...

Woman in the Bus Versus Lady with the pram
  • Birinder Dhillon, India, 14th Jul 2009
  • ( Between The Lines ) Woman in the Bus Versus Lady with the pram...