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Happy Families
  • Andrew Morris, United Kingdom, 05th May 2006
  • It is one of those magical Dhaka scenes. We are trundling along in a rickshaw down small and crooked lanes. It is night, and light bulbs glow under each rickshaw - miniature moons suspended in...

Time travel in Dhaka
  • Andrew Morris, United Kingdom, 03rd Jun 2005
  • 'A century of shared hope' proclaims the hoarding. From other rooftops, there are equally bright, optimistic echoes. 'Get the lifestyle you deserve!' 'New generation. new destination!' And who...

Dhaka to Nowheresville: The Great Escape
  • Andrew Morris, United Kingdom, 19th Jul 2006
  • Today I escaped the grinding capital and took refuge in the velvety silence of the countryside. I sit here now, in my tiny room in a rural hostel, writing under a naked light bulb speckled with...

Imagining Bangladesh
  • Andrew Morris, United Kingdom, 15th Aug 2006
  • There’s a family story that on my first trip abroad at the age of ten - to exotic Belgium, no less (I still recall the raw air and the excitement buzzing in my head as I stepped on to the coach...

A Weekend Away from Dhaka
  • Andrew Morris, United Kingdom, 02nd Sep 2006
  • I am feeling particularly adventurous today. Up with the dawn and off to the bus station. It’s a national holiday on Sunday, giving us a long weekend, and I have decided to revisit Rajshahi, up...