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Addis Ababa Tours & Sightseeing Excursions

Explore Addis Ababa with a little help. Browse our Addis Ababa tours listings for a range of exciting sightseeing trips and excursions. We list independent tour operators who offer everything from a simple guided city bus tour to escorted adventure treks.

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Omo Valley thumbnail
Omo Valley - from EUR 600

It is a country with 82 different ethnic groups each with its own language, culture, custom and tradition.Omo valley is the low land area, the place where different tribes are being occupied.

Last updated: 06/15/2010

No image thumbnail
3 days to Harar-Awash-Sodere - from EUR 250

The ancient city of Harar established in 1520 by a local chief sultan Abu Bakar Mohammed and remained a center of religious fevours from the early days of the Islam expansion until 1887 when the authority of the central government was restored by...

Last updated: 02/12/2010

No image thumbnail
The Place of Bird Paradise - from EUR 1300

Ethiopia experiences different climatic zones due to its altitudinal variations that have taken place as a result of both internal and external forces of the earth. These climatic variations in turn h

Last updated: 02/12/2010

No image thumbnail
Trekking in Home of Wildlife - from EUR 650

Rising to the height of more than 4000m, the range borders the south highlands of Ethiopia. Mount Tullu Dumtu, the highest peak in southern Ethiopia, reaches 4377 meters. The Afro alpine evergreen for

Last updated: 10/26/2009

Horn of Africa  thumbnail
Horn of Africa - from EUR 1920

An all inclusive guided safari, for the adventurers or those seeking history and culture of one of the worlds oldest civilizations.Explore the wonders of this majestic land and be inspired

Last updated: 09/25/2009

The oldest tribes in Ethiopia thumbnail
The oldest tribes in Ethiopia - from EUR 1280

An ethno-culture safari ,into one of the worlds isolated regions of Africa,fascinating and spectacular cultures that are sure to capture ones imagination!

Last updated: 09/25/2009

No image thumbnail
Danakil depression Dallol & Ertale - from EUR 800

The most breath taking place, "Dallo" the field of phteatic creaters in the barren salt plain, & one of the few volcanoes in the world that have lava lake "Eratle"

Last updated: 08/26/2009

No image thumbnail
10 Days North Ethiopia Historical Rotute Tour - from EUR 750

Ethiopian history had begun 3000 years ago during the time of queen of Sheba on 1st century A.D. and that she had a son from king Solomon of Israle called Menelik 1st.

Last updated: 07/20/2009

Addis to Djibouti thumbnail
Addis to Djibouti - from EUR 260

All inclusive 2 day trip 130 Euro per day per person. Travel in brand new Toyota Land cruiser with native English speaking staff, experienced. WE also speak Italian, German, Arabic and Amharic

Last updated: 06/19/2009

14 Day Ethiopia thumbnail
14 Day Ethiopia - from EUR 1920

An awesome 14 day Adventure tour 4 x 4 in the tribal lands of the omo valley. Photo wildlife and cultural tours.

Last updated: 06/17/2009

Discover Ethiopia thumbnail
Discover Ethiopia - from USD 1500

Explore this land of contrasts and extremes, visiting all of the major places and people of interest - historical sites, churches, tribes and wildlife. This is the complete Ethiopian experience!

Last updated: 06/11/2009

Northern Ethiopia Historical Route thumbnail
Northern Ethiopia Historical Route - from USD 665

Explore castles, churches and monuments of ancient civilizations in this intriguing historical circuit in Northern Ethiopia. Join us and discover the richness of Ethiopia's tradition.

Last updated: 05/22/2009

Tribes of the Omo Valley thumbnail
Tribes of the Omo Valley - from USD 1107

The Omo Valley is home to many remarkable ethnic groups, many who have barely altered their living patterns, relying on the natural resources around them for survival. Join us and be inspired!

Last updated: 05/22/2009

Danakil Depression thumbnail
Danakil Depression - from USD 1500

The Danakil Depression with its other-worldly landscapes, active volcanoes and Afar nomads leading their camel caravans across this arid land, offers a rewarding experience for true adventure seekers.

Last updated: 03/30/2009

Ethiopian Easter Festival Tour a cultural tour to the HIstoric Ethiopia thumbnail
Ethiopian Easter Festival Tour a cultural tour to the HIstoric Ethiopia - from USD 1698

This tour provides a practical image of Ethiopia’s 3000 years history with a visit to the highlights of Ethiopia’s ancient history and age-old culture with one of the most colorful festivals, Easter.

Last updated: 12/17/2008

Cultural Tour To The Historic Route Of Ethiopia thumbnail
Cultural Tour To The Historic Route Of Ethiopia - from USD 1454

Ethiopia, is truly a land of many wonders with undiluted unique culture and history. This tour provides a practical images of Ethiopia’s 3000 years with a visit to Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, and so much

Last updated: 12/17/2008

Historic Route 10 Days & 9 Nights thumbnail
Historic Route 10 Days & 9 Nights - from USD 985

Ethiopia is a country with its fabulous three thousand years history. This history has left an incomparable heritage of art and antiquities. Discover Ethiopia with Pharez Ethiopia Tours.

Last updated: 10/21/2008

Ethiopia Classic Historical Route thumbnail
Ethiopia Classic Historical Route - from EUR 831

Our staff at Amazing Ethiopia Travel are experts in finding the perfect travel adventures for our clients, especially unique, out of the ordinary, customized trips to Ethiopia.

Last updated: 09/20/2008

Ethiopia Omo Valley thumbnail
Ethiopia Omo Valley - from EUR 850

Ethiopia Cultural route to the Omo Valley,the rift vally amazements and more in the bale Mountain National parks for wildlife safari with Amazing Ethiopia Tours

Last updated: 09/18/2008

Ethiopia Historical Tour thumbnail
Ethiopia Historical Tour - from USD 1150

The famous and fascinating historic sites takes you through a scenic, magnificent world of fairy-tale names such as Axum, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Lalibela and more over to the Spectacular nature bestowed S

Last updated: 08/29/2008

OMO Safari thumbnail
OMO Safari - from USD 1664

The cultural tours mainly focus on the indigenous peoples of the Omo Valley. Visiting such unique cultures helps one to truly differentiate between what is really necessary in life

Last updated: 08/10/2008

Historic Route by Surface thumbnail
Historic Route by Surface - from USD 1432

The North of Ethiopia is one of the most remarkable areas in the country. Its principal cities, Axum, Lalibela, Bahir Dar and Gondar, are deeply embedded in history and to be consi

Last updated: 08/10/2008

Ethiopian Historic route via flight thumbnail
Ethiopian Historic route via flight - from EUR 700

The well-defined ‘historic route’ through northern Ethiopia forms the core of the country’s tourist industry.There is nothing in Sub-Saharan Africa and in a sense nothing else in the world

Last updated: 04/02/2008

No image thumbnail
Omo Valley safari - from EUR 850

The southern part of Ethiopia is a museum for varied and unique cultural assets. This is a part which is wilder and off-the beaten truck. Amazing cultures such as the lip-plating people of Mursi

Last updated: 04/02/2008

No image thumbnail
Historic Ethiopia by Flight - from USD 500

Traveling in Ethiopia is the same as traveling through time. The rich history of northern Ethiopia - Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Harrar and others dates back more than 3000 years.

Last updated: 01/18/2008