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Venezuela Information

Population: 25 million.

Time Zone: GMT -4

Driving side: Drive on the right.

Languages: Spanish

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Emergency #: Police: 169
Fire: 166
Medical: 483-7026/ 483-6092.

Venezuela Local Customs

Never show disrespect for Simon Bolivar, he is a saint in Venezuela; never drop litter in a Simon Bolivar Plaza or park for instance.

Venezuela Popular Destinations

Angel Falls the world's highest waterfall at 979 metres; an absolute must to see while in Venezuela. It's best viewed in the rainy season (August/ September), but sometimes cloud and mists might slightly obscure the view. Several tour operators organise fly-bys of the falls and they can also be viewed from a boat below. Do wear waterproofs if you opt for this method.

Coro it lies in Falcon State, a short flight from Caracas. It consists of a strip of coast where you can find very small islands encircled with coral reefs and white sandy beaches. Not only is it a beautiful place to relax in under the sun, there's abundant birdlife present including pelicans, flamingos, herons and ducks for study by keen trainee and trained ornithologists.

Caracas capital city of Venezuela; you land at Simon Bolivar airport right on the Caribbean coast. Coaches or taxis take you to the capital via a series of tunnels, climbing higher and higher all the time. It lies in a spectacular setting, thrives with all things Latin American, is very noisy, and has great restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels. There are many things to do and see here, including sacred churches, museums, and strolling through its many parks. The city comes to life at night with car horns blaring, people shouting, and music playing so loud that it seems to be off the decibel scale!

Moving Around Venezuela

Air - Aeropostal has a network of domestic routes available for travellers who wish to move around the country; it flies to major towns and cities.

Bus these are used in place of the lack of railways to move around most of the country. They're generally comfortable, fast and efficient. From Caracas bus terminal they radiate out to almost all corners of Venezuela.

National festival and holidays

Carnaval the biggest and best national festival, occurs on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Plenty of music and dancing, bullfights, food, beer and spirits are consumed in vast quantities.

Diablos Danzontes held in San Francisco de Yare in Venezuela's mid northern region; it's held on Corpus Christi. There's a parade of a ritual dance of devils, the dancers adorned with quite frightful masks and costumes.

Festival Internacional de Teatro a very lively festival of the theatre and arts held in Caracas in April in even years.

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