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Reminiscences of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

  • Submitted by: David Stybr
  • Website: None Available
  • Submission Date: 04th Feb 2005

My wife & I knew that Chile, Argentina and Uruguay would be nice, but they turned out even more wonderful than expected.

It's a challenge to pack as much information into as few words as possible, and yet not be too dry. I'm an engineer by profession so I'm already behind the 8 ball as far as writing style goes. However it seems to work pretty well to judge from responses to my Reminiscences of Australia and other travelogues over the past few years.

And in the great engineering tradition I have plagiarized from the best. Plagiarize, plagiarize, let nothing evade your eyes. This travelogue frequently quotes Charles Darwin, because his observations and descriptions cannot be surpassed. I had a copy of his book The Voyage of the Beagle with me, and it was a thrill to read his impressions as we visited so many of the same places he visited in the 1830s. The nations and cities have changed considerably in 165 years but the landscapes remain, particularly in the far southern latitudes.

Above all this travelogue was written for myself. The country profiles and other facts and figures were compiled beforehand so we would appreciate the places we visited and minimize unpleasant surprises. The rest of it was to help me consolidate and share my impressions while they were still fresh in mind. For example, the scenery in southern Chile was so gorgeous that words and photos couldn't possibly capture it all, but they captured more than enough. I found myself stop and admire the scenery all over again as I assembled the photo album.

Table of Contents

Itinerary Summary

I. Prologue.

II. Preparation.

A. Practical Considerations.
B. Sources of Information.
C. Language.
D. Music.
E. Observations by Charles Darwin.
F. Weather.

III. Airlines and Airports.

IV. The Royal Princess.

A. Statistics.
B. Ship Layout.
C. Cabins.
D. Cruise Staff.
E. Passengers.
F. Dining.
G. Entertainment and Activities.
H. Port Information.

V. Country Profiles.

A. La República de Chile.
B. La República Argentina.
C. La República Oriental del Uruguay.
D. The Falkland Islands / Las Islas Malvinas.

VI. Itinerary.

A. Pre-Cruise: 3 days.

1. Chicago, Illinois to Miami, Florida, USA.
2. Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.
B. Royal Princess Voyage 1901: 14 days.

1. Valparaíso, Región de Valparaíso, Chile.
2. At Sea: Océano Pacífico.
3. Puerto Montt, Región de los Lagos, Chile.
4. At Sea: Canal Darwin, etc., Chile.
5. At Sea: Seno Eyre, Glaciar Pio XI, etc., Chile.
6. At Sea: Southern fjords, etc., Chile.
7. Punta Arenas, Región de Magallanes, Chile.
8. Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
9. At Sea: Cabo de Hornos, Chile.
10. Stanley, East Falkland, Falkland Islands.
11. At Sea: Océano Atlántico.
12. Puerto Madryn, Provincia de Chubut, Argentina.
13. At Sea: Océano Atlántico.
14. Montevideo, Depto. de Montevideo, Uruguay.
C. Post-Cruise: 2 days.

1. Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina.
2. Chicago, Illinois, USA.

VII. Epilogue.