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  • El Plaza Hotel Av. Nicolás de Pierola 850, Lima 8.0/10 - 55 reviews
  • Hotel Britania Av. San Borja Sur 653, Lima 7.1/10 - 40 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars
  • Hotel Del Prado Av. Pablo Carriquiry Nº 298 Urb. El Palomar, Lima 8.5/10 - 2 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars
  • Gran Hotel Bolivar Jr. de La Unión 958, Lima 6.9/10 - 172 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars
  • Grand Hotel Betsy Santa Cruz Nº 665 Urb. América Miraflores, Lima 8.4/10 - 5 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 36 Rooms
  • Hotel Villa Molina Calle Teruel No 341 entre cdra. 41 y 42 Av. Arequipa) Miraflores, Lima 6.6/10 - 7 reviews
  • Hotel Los Girasoles Av. Diez Canseco Nº 696 - San Antonio Miraflores, Lima 8.0/10 - 50 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 23 Rooms
  • Hotel Sol de Ica Calle Lima Nº 265, Ica 7.1/10 - 21 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars
  • Costa Azul Hotel 247 Av. Mar de Cortes y Ensenada, San Felipe 5.1/10 - 47 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 140 Rooms
  • Hotel Melodia Av. La Marina 2247, Lima 6.6/10 - 16 reviews
  • Antara Hotel Alcanfores Nº 450, Lima 7.0/10 - 32 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars
  • Hotel and Suites Las Americas Hotel 415 Av Benavides, Lima 8.0/10 - 54 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 151 Rooms
  • Hotel Kamana Jr. Camana 547, Lima 6.0/10 - 44 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars
  • Hotel Maria Angola Av. La Paz Nº 610, Lima 4.1/10 - 48 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars
  • Hotel San Agustin Riviera Av. Garcilaso de la Vega No 981, Lima 4.7/10 - 12 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 183 Rooms

Lima Travel Guide

Lima Attractions

Top Attractions

Museo de la Nacion located at Javier Prado Oeste 2466 (San Borga); it has a comprehensive collection of archaeological items from early Peruvian times. Also found here are examples of stone carvings, Nazca pottery, and weaving artefacts of Paracas.

Museo de Oro Del Peru found at Alonso de Molina 1100 (Montenico); there are two collections here. The Gold Museum is a huge vault exhibiting numerous gold and silver pieces, including ponchos embroidered with hundred of solid-gold plates. Other exhibits on display are items made of silver; you also can see items made of pearls, emeralds, and lapis lazuli.

Museo de Oro del Peru found as above housing the second collection. This is the Arms Museum containing thousands of ancient firearms from all over the world. Do visit the private collection here, very popular with tourists; there's a small admission charge for entry into both museums.

San Francisco located on the corner of Ancash and Lampa - It's best to get a guided tour for a small charge; it's one of the best-preserved 17th century churches in Lima. The tours visit the cloister, a fine museum of religious art, library, and catacombs. The catacombs have an estimated 65-70,000 burials and people who might be a little faint at the sight of bone-filled crypts!

Museo Larco (Larco Museum) found at 1515 Ave. Bolivar in the Pueblo Libre district of Lima, Peru. This museum houses about 45,000 pre-Columbian objects. Its collections range from metals, to ceramics, to textiles. The most interesting gallery is the Erotic Gallery which showcases the sexual representations in ceramic art.
submitted by Lyndsay, 24/07/07

Lalo's - great food in Lima Lalo's is a great place to have lunch when in Lima's San Isidro district. It is located at Augusto Tamayo 196. They have daily lunch specials from Peru and other South American Countries. 3-5 US dollars
submitted by Antonio Wehnes, 26/09/05

Lima Shopping

Lima is the best place in Peru for shopping, with purchasable items from all over Peru. There are many markets, shops, arcades, and shopping malls to choose from; try the Centro Commercial El Suche arcade off the 6th block of La Paz in Miraflores. Here, you'll find exclusive jewellery and handicraft shops.

La Casa de la Miyer Artesana Manuela Ramos in Juan Pablo Fernandini is a good place to find good-quality craftwork from all over Peru.

Lima Beaches

El Silencio found just south of Lima; this beach is also very popular with locals and tourists in summer, January until March time. There are strong currents so please stay close to shore.

Punta Hermosa located again just south of Lima; this beach is also very popular and has hostels close by so you may overnight at very reasonable price.

San Bartolo just south of Punta Hermosa; this beach also has hostels nearby for overnight stays. It's again, very popular, but with all beaches in Peru, be aware of pickpockets secure all your personal belongings.

Lima Restaurants and Bars

Lima Restaurants

Parilladas San Martin found on Plaza San Martin; a popular restaurant with both locals and visitors alike. They serve fine meats, their speciality being superb grills.

Cafe Cafe located at Martir Olaya 250; they say that they can offer 120 different drinks, sandwiches, and desserts! Their coffee is superb and food is excellent and fair-priced. Sit outside and people-watch.

Si Senor found at Bolognesi 706; it has a lively atmosphere, serves real Tex-Mex, and has great Mexican beer and tequila.

La Trattoria located at Manuel Banilla 106; they serve really tasty pasta which you can see them make. Do try their ice-cream and other hand-made desserts.

Lima Bars & Clubs

The Brenchley Arms found at Atahualpa 176; you can find good English pub food here. There's also a dartboard and British newspapers; they close at 2200 hours.

O'Murphys located at Schell 627; a very busy and lively Irish pub serving great beer and superb pub food.

Noctambul found at Grau 627; a lively club which has a very reasonable cover charge (half-price for women). It's become very popular with both Lima's young and visitors alike; the cover charge allows dancers to drink as much as they like or can!

Mamut found at Berlin 438 in Miraflores; it has three dance floors with different music on each. It is also rumoured to be Lima's most popular club.

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