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Gems of Ecuador!

From the north, a flight to the Southern sphere,
Will bring you there.

Although the country may in part appear poor,
Treasures hide behind the door,
Giving rise to the gems of Ecuador!

Arrival into Quito by night,
Leaves wonders to be revealed by morning light.

No time to lose,
Hostel La Casa Sol offered a safe heaven to snooze.

Off to the rainforest the next day,
It was a 6-hour bumpy partly washed out road and way.
Finally the treetops of the rainforest in front of me lay.

Unmistakably moist and humid land,
The rainforest extend a welcoming hand.

Imbedded in the garden of light,
Alinahui Butterfly Eco lodge is a magical sight,
A Gem of Ecuador simple and bright.

A four-legged canine rushed to my feet,
She was to become my special gem and treat.
Totally protective, yet tame, Connie was her name.
From the time I arrived till the day I left,
None could commit a crime or theft,
Of protection I was not bereft.
Until early morning light,
Consistently she slept by my door each night.
We walked in the primal forest as an odd pair,
She silently showed me the way with care,
Yes, both of us were bitten by tics,
Those are just some of the odd little sidekicks.

Mosquitoes and no seeums were certainly found,
But somehow I was not bitten all around.
Vitamin B as prevention did the job,
And I did not have to scratch and sob.

My cabin overlooked the Napo-river,
This river to the Amazon flow and water deliver.
The cabin was on stilts and was simple and pleasant,
Another gem and present.
Like the natural source of a sunflower,
The lodge is run on solar power.

The garden was filled with “flutterbyes”,
More commonly know as butterflies.

One day an electric blue Morpho butterfly sat on a blade,
Soaking up the rays of the sun in a glade,
I walked up and touched its left wing,
Thinking it would flutter away in a swing.
Surprisingly it did not flee,
I got the opportunity to clearly see,
The power of HERE, NOW and BE!

As the days went by and I got bolder,
I ventured out at night to find giant moths land on my shoulder.

The yellow tipped dragonfly sat on a tree,
I walked up close to it see,
Surprisingly it did not flee,
I got the opportunity to clearly see,
The power of HERE, NOW and BE!

I came to a halt and a stall,
When finding a huge tarantula on the bathroom wall.

Another unique creature is disguised as a stick,
And can be quite a kick
It is almost impossible to see,
When pretending to be a stick on a tree.

Watching a leaf cutter ant,
Cut little pieces of a leaf plant,
Is enough to start huff and pant.
Their patience and determination so present,
They work as hard as a peasant.

In the rainforest many hummingbirds buzzed by,
But no matter how hard you try,
You barely saw them fly,
Energized by jet-fuel I think,
Their speed was faster than a blink.
Unlike the ones at higher elevation,
Where there was more flirtation on location.

Many, many other birds were seen overhead,
In the forest they lived and kept fed.
They squawked and sang,
Until the ears rang.

Like a visible spark,
The fireflies fluttered by in the dark.

Not even the fastest most impressive Honda,
Can compare to holding a 4 yard long Anaconda.

There is in the jungle a deeply resonating sound,
Unforgettably it will continually you hound.
Orchestrated by the many crickets to produce this incredible vibration,
A purely primordial formation,
Giving rise to the earthshaking sound of creation.

Not to forget the many flowers and plants,
That ensures medicinal research and grants.
The rainforest is custodian of ancient keys,
Although dangerously close to destruction by the logging increase.

The rainforest is seductive, warm and steamy,
And sometimes appear dreamy.
It provides the exhibit of rapid birth, growth and decay,
The three main factors of the manifest play.
Distinctively sharing the diversity of Existence,
When free from resistance.
To awareness of WHAT IS, it gives assistance.

There is no valid reference,
To describe the rainforest’s mighty presence,
Its essence is the foundation of Earth’s luminescence.

So the days went by,
Full of many creatures that walk, crawl or fly.
Until it was time to the rainforest say goodbye.

Once again a bumpy road and 14,000 foot climb,
And in the high Andean vistas of Papallacta yourself you will find.
This volcanic hot springs resort,
Will any aching muscle release and healing support.

Cradled in the emerald green womb of mountain tops,
Time and space stops.
The starlit winter gate beams, weaving many themes.

Daylight dawns refreshing and cool,
And after once again climbing out of the hot pool,
It is time for a hike to search for another gem and jewel.

With air so thin the walk is slow, but up and up I go.
I go to extremes by crossing rushing streams,
Eventually the treasure is uncovered,
For in the field I discovered,
A wild herd of llamas grazing,
And I just stood there them facing.
One got curious and walked up to my side,
My hand reached up and over him did glide,
It was a euphoric highlight and elevated ride,
To have this wild creature by my side.
His chocolate eyes held a steady gaze,
They took me beyond all worldly haze,
Where I could see the reflection of the ONE and same face!
Where we are all coming from the ONE and same base!

The following morning was crisp and clear,
The snowcapped 18,000-foot volcano appeared so near.

Off to the equator line to straighten out the spine.
The dual sun-dial is to the equator area unique,
And carries its own little mystery and mystique.

Standing on the equator is a trip,
Watching the center forces unzip,
Swirling in opposite directions up and down to the Arctic and Antarctic tip.

These are called the Corealis Forces,
Due to the opposite courses they enforce.
But on the equator the flow is straight up and down,
It is enough to put on your forehead a frown,
When you move the water 2 feet to the northern sphere,
And the water runs counter clockwise there.
Then you move the water 2 feet to the southern sphere,
And the water runs clockwise there.

Off to the other side of Andean land,
Where the Cloud Forest have the upper hand.

Bellavista Lodge is a wonderfully vibrant place,
Where bird watchers can with binoculars chase,
According to preferred choice and noteworthy case.

The most spectacular are the hummingbirds,
That swarms around you in herds.
130 species occupy this nation
Ecuador definitely has to them a rare relation.

Many more were the incidents at hand,
While visiting this beautiful and diverse land,
One thing for sure, it is NOT bland.