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Two-Wheeling through Bogotá, Colombia

  • Submitted by: Gregory Samuels, United States
  • Submission Date: 25th May 2009

Colombia doesn't have the greatest image, what with guerrillas, paramilitaries and cocaine trafficking. But we discovered that Bogotá is quite a nice city. We stayed in an inexpensive hostal in La Candelaria, which is funky and historic. Unfortunately, lots of the backpackers visit here for maybe the wrong reasons - lots of drinking, partying and drugging, which means they see little of Bogotá, and that thru a fog.

We rented bicycles from a place in the Candelaria, and the tour guide took us all around to parks and monuments. He also explained the country's ugly, drug-financed conflict, which was really interesting. I recommend visiting Bogotá, but not drugging out there. There's lots more to this country.