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Parque O'Higgins - south of the Alameda, is a working-class hangout, though formerly it was known as the very chi-chi Parque Cousino. The park's El Pueblito features full-size replicas of rural buildings, and its restaurants blare forth raucous salsa music on Sunday afternoons. It also has a children's amusement park, called Fantasilandia.

El Naturista - Moneda 846. Health conscious veggies should try the natural food on offer here. The menu is extensive and well cooked.

Au Bon Pain Miraflores 235. This is the place to come if all you want is a snack Their sandwiches are very tasty and filling.

Chez Henry Portal Fernandez Concha 962. This very popular restaurant offers a traditional menu and the food is excellent. They also have a take-away deli which provides the same quality food at reduced prices.

Restaurant Majestic, Majestic Hotel Santo Domingo 1526. The Indian food served in this classy restaurant is delicious and the service is formal but not overly so.

Santiago Bars & Clubs

Don Victorino Lastarria. Lunches here are really good and the prices reasonable.

Bar Berri Barrio Santa Lucia One of Santiago's liveliest bars which is very popular with the locals.

HBH Brewery Irarrazaval, Nunoe. This mini brewery sells two types of beers both of which are worth sampling. The local students hang out here.

La Feria constitucion 275, Bellavista. If you like electronic then this is the place for you.

Bunker Bombero, Nunez 159, Bella Vista.This is one of the city's most popular gay bars.

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