Lake District Travel Guide

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Lake District Travel Guide

Lake District Local History

In the mid to late 1800s the development of the railways in Chile opened up previously remote parts of the country to settlers. With a strong drive in Europe promoting immigration to Chile, a large number of Germans made the long journey and began settling the Lake District of Chile. On arrival the wild jungle was slowly cleared and pushed back and farms planted.

Over time the region grew but never to any great extent and today is still fairly sparsely populated. The tourist industry is today one of the major contributors to the local economy of this area. Eco-tourism is the major draw card with the vast natural beauty of the lakes mountains and forests.

Lake District Attractions

Lake District Shopping

This region is characterised by its many small villages and towns. As such you are not likely to encounter any malls as such here. Weekends are the best days for shopping although you are more likely to pick up a bargain on a slower weekday.

Lake District Restaurants and Bars

The fairly harsh climate of Chile has lead to a great dependence on the sea for food. This has led to a cuisine that has its mainstay in seafood and is definitely worth trying out. Parillada de Mariscos is a dish of mixed grilled seafood and is usually served with rice.

Cancato is grilled fish stuffed with vegetables, cheese or sausage. Curanto are various meats, sausages, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, potatoes and corncobs cooked in an earthen pit covered in leaves. This is a specialty dish and is usually served on holidays and at festivals.

Lake District Restaurants

Eltermere Country House This fine restaurant is well known for its superb homemade cuisine that features traditional cooked roasts. The wine list is as good as you will find anywhere with a selection that includes wines from all over the world.

Latitude 42 This fine restaurant boasts breathtaking views of the lake and volcano with its waterside location. The decor is ideal as it captures the warmth of the restaurant and adds to the inviting atmosphere. The menu is first class with fine meat and seafood options. The wine list is equally impressive with selections from over 50 vineyards. The restaurant is on the road to Esenada to the east of Puerto Varas.

Merlin This elegant restaurant combines the traditional flavours of Chile with the creative ideas of today. The hillside location at Imperial 0605 rewards your visit with beautiful views of the area. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

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