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Salvador Travel Guide

Salvador Attractions

Top Attractions

Museu de Arte Sacra Rua do Sodre 276. This excellent museum houses one of Brazil's best of Catholic art, which are displayed in an old monastery. The extensive collection includes oil paintings; oratorios; metal work; and many wooden statues of saints. This is one of the top attractions in town and should not be missed.

Forte de Santo Antonio - Farol da Barra. This fort dates back to 1534 and was the first and most important Portuguese fortress in Salvador. From the fort you can take in the amazing views over the Bay of All Saints. You can wander along the walls and take a look at the military architecture that shapes the fort. The fort also houses a museum, which contains a collection of maps; navigational instruments; and archaeological finds.

Nosso Senhor do Bonfim - Largo do Bonfim. This is Salvador's most famous church and has gained a reputation for granting miracles. Many tourists and faithful visit this plain 18th century church every year for that reason. To see the extent of devotion you should head for the Room of Miracles where people give thanks for miracles by donating valuable or important objects.

Shopping Barra This shopping mall is located in Av. CentenĂ¡rio. It a beautiful mall with intrnacional labels, this mall is well attended by the elites with mostly class A and B don't miss out !!!
submitted by Abra, 25/08/06

Soho This is a Japanesse restaurant located in Av. Contorno in Bahia Marina. Considered the best Japanese restaurant in the city. It is a bit pricey but definitly worth it. The restaurant has a great view of the Bay de Todos os Santos. Although you will not have the expirience of tasting the local ingredientes it is a great place for your dinner and lunch and the view also adds alot to it .
submitted by Abra, 25/08/06

Salvador Shopping

Instituto de Artesanato Visconde de Maua - Rua Gregorio de Matos. This is one of the best places in town to go if you're looking to buy some Bahian arts and crafts. There are a wide range of stalls which sell a variety of goods, including weavings; hammocks; furniture; wood carvings; and ceramics. On the third floor you can see the future artists learning the traditional arts through workshops and apprenticeships.

Mercado Modelo - Praca Cayru. This is the place to go if you're looking to buy some souvenirs to remember your holiday by. The Mercado Modelo iis housed in the former customs building, and has over 300 merchants that sell awide range of souvenirs, including leather goods; hammocks; musical instruments; masks; carvings; Orixas, paintings; terra-cotta figurines; jewelry; and lace.

Salvador Restaurants and Bars

Salvador Restaurants

Barravento - Av. Getulio Vargas 814. This restaurant, with a sail-shaped roof, is one of the most popular in Salvador, and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. They serve a wide variety of Bahain dishes, including moquecas, marriscadas; moqueca de siri mole; and casquinha de siri.

Casa da Gamboa - Rua Joao de Deus 31. This is one of the most elegant restaurants in town and is very popular with locals and tourists. The restaurant serves a wide range of Bahain nouvelle cuisine, including bobo de camarao; camarao ao molho de manga; and peixe tropical. The prices are a little above average, but the unforgettable dining experience is well worth the extra money.

Jardim das Delicias - Rua Joao de Deus 12. This restaurant has the right name, Garden of Delights. This courtyard restaurant on the groundfloor of an antiques store is the perfect place for a quiet meal, away from the hustle and bustle of town. They serve a wide range of Bahian dishes at reasonable prices. This is a great place for lunch or dinner.

Salvador Bars & Clubs

Bar da Ponta - Praca dos Tupinambas 2. This bar is located on the waterfront and has amazing views of the Bay of All Saints, which makes it the best place for sundowners. It's popular with the 30-something yuppie crowd who tend stay long after sunset. This is the perfect place to sit back and have a few drinks while watching the sun sink low into the horizon.

Cantina da Lua - Praca Quinze de Novembro 2. This lively bar with a patio that overlooks the Praca Terreiro de Jesus, is very popular with tourists. This is a great place to sit back, have a few drinks and do some people watching. This is a great place to go during the day or at night.

Praca do Reggae - Ladeiro do Pelourinho. This reggae club is one of the best places in town to go if you're looking to have a fun night out on the town. The club consists of three bars: Negros Bar; Bar do Reggae; and Cravo Rastafari, all of which are excellent and play a range of Jamaican tunes.

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