Fortaleza Travel Guide

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Fortaleza Travel Guide

Fortaleza Attractions

Fortaleza Beaches

Canoa Quebrada - east of Fortaleza. Fortaleza is most famous for its nearby beaches and this is one of the best in the whole area. The long stretch of beautiful white sand beach is framed by green-blue waters and low red cliffs. There are also a number of activities on offer at the beach, including buggy rides; surfing; and other water sports. There are also stalls that hire chairs and umbrellas, as well as sell food and drink.

Cumbuco - east of Fortaleza. This is another one of the outstanding beaches found near Fortaleza. One of the main attractions of the beach are the sand dunes, and dune buggy rides which rival any standard rollercoaster ride in any theme park. There are also horseback rides and boat rides on offer for those who aren't quite as daring. Other than that, the beach is perfect for relaxing and catching a tan.

Fortaleza Restaurants and Bars

Fortaleza Restaurants

Al Mare - Av. Beira Mar 3821. This is one of the most spectacular restaurants in town, with a patio that offers amazing views of Praia de Meireles. The restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists alike. They serve a wide range of South American dishes. Some of the house specials include: tangy marinated octopus in an onion-and-herb vinaigrette; spaghetti pescatore with squid, prawns, garlic, and tomato; and spaghetti al vongole with a generous serving of the small clams.

Colher de Pau - Av. Rua dos Tabajaras 412. This is another excellent restaurant in town that serves a range of South American cuisine, and it is very popular with tourists who visit the city. Some of the house specialities include: bolinha de macaxeira; bolinha de carne de sol; and carne de sol desfiada. The service is excellent and the food delicious.

Moanna - Av. Beira Mar 4260.This is possibly the best restaurant in town, located right on the beach. It is very popular with locals and tourists alike. The prices are a little higher than the average, but the food is well worth the extra cash. Some of the house specialities include: frango tropical; duck in an orange-and-Cointreau sauce with spinach puree; and for desert fruit carpaccio.

Fortaleza Bars & Clubs

Teatro Jose de Alencar - Praca Jose de Alencar. This is one of the best venues in Fortaleza for musical performances. Here music lovers can enjoy classical music performances by the Eleazar de Carvalho Chamber Orquestra. Even if you're not a classical music fan, a night at the Teatro Jose de Alencar should not be missed.

Piratas - Rua dos Tabajaras 325, Praia de Iracema. This is one of the best night clubs in town and is very popular with locals and tourists alike. This is the place to go if you're looking to party till the early hours of the following morning, while meeting some new people.

Chico do Caranguejo - Av. Ze Diogo 4930. This club is the place to go to if you want to check out some of the local bands. The club offers live music almost every night of the week, and is very popular with a mixed crowd of locals and tourists.

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