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Patagonia Travel Guide

Patagonia Local History

This land of mystery and untouched beauty lies at the foot of South America and is truly a place of intrigue. South American Indians were the region's first inhabitants; life was tough due to the harsh climate and it is to their tribute that they thrived.

In the 16th and 17th centuries European explorers made their way around the tip of the continent, but few ventured inland.

Occupying nearly a quarter of Argentina, the population of Patagonia by comparison is minute and consists primarily of farmers and ranchers. Until the trickle of tourists started to pick up, the primary economic activity of the region was agriculture.

Patagonia Attractions

Patagonia Shopping

Patagonia was once inhabited by South American Indians and although they are not around anymore their culture in a sense still lives in some of the local crafts and products. You are sure to be able to pick up some cultural souvenirs in any of the numerous villages and towns of this region.

Patagonia Restaurants and Bars

In the mountains of Patagonia, the typically encountered dishes include trout, salmon and deer. The central region of Patagonia is home to many sheep farms and so lamb features prominently in the menus in these areas.

The lamb is usually stewed or simply roasted but the flavour is far superior to the supermarket varieties found in cities due to the minimal influence of chemicals and artificial substances in the diet of the sheep.

Patagonia Restaurants

Cassis This restaurant is located in Esquel at Sarmiento 120. The food here is very typical of Patagonian cuisine and features a delicious trout carpacio for starters, For main course try the lamb roasted in a crisp potato shell with balsamic vinegar red wine reduction sauce with garlic and glazed onions. There are also a variety of deer, hare and seafood specialties.

La Tablita Situated in El Calafate, this friendly restaurant specialises in grilled meat and pastas. The lamb is highly recommended. The prices here are above average; the address is Coronel Rosales 28.

Kapue Located in Ushuaia this restaurant comes recommended for two reasons. Firstly, the staff here speak English which is helpful, secondly the food is really excellent. The wine list is also good and compliments the menu well. The prices here do tend to be expensive but the quality does compensate for this. The address is Roca 470.

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