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The Los Alerces National Park - About 50 km away from town, this 650,000-acre National Park was created in 1937 in order to preserve the lush Andean native forests and beautiful lakes. Development has only reached its eastern area, and then scarcely so; it is one of the most pristine nature reserves in Argentina. The alerce trees –after which the Park is namedare among the oldest living beings on earth, their age often exceeding 3,000 years. A boat excursion takes visitors across the Futalaufquen lake, the emerald-green Arrayanes river, the enclosed Verde lake, and the huge and wild Menéndez lake down to the heart of the Valdivian jungle, where they can trek along a trail to the Cisne lake and river, through the lush rain forest vegetation and the mighty alerce trees. Seven-thousand-foot, snow-capped mountains lend a majestic backdrop to the wonderful forest-and-crystal-clear-waters scenery.

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