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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Buenos Aires Local History

Europeans first arrived in the 16th century but were discouraged by the local Indians to settle. Spanish forces established Buenos Aires around 1580 and secured large areas of the best land for agriculture and cattle. Thereafter, for almost 2 decades, the people of Buenos Aires followed a highly contraband trade with Brasil (Portuguese) and European powers.

British troops came and went in the early 19th century and the people of Buenos Aires celebrated this by the revolution of May 25th 1810. The Spanish were expelled by the 1820's and formal independence was declared in 1816. By 1880, Argentina became a major producer of cereal crops for export, and by 1890, the economy was dominated by British capital which went towards building infrastructure such as roads and railways. In the 20th century Eva and Juan Peron ruled Argentina up to 1955 when Juan was expelled to Spain. Evita died in 1952.

Buenos Aires Attractions

Top Attractions

Recoleta a district of Buenos Aires, the place for luxury, art, culture, and good food. Do visit the historic cemetery (where Eva Peron is interred), the National Fine Arts Museum, Palais de Glace. And Recoleta Cultural Centre. Recoleta is also the place to visit for it's tango shows, mime artists, and street performers. The tango shows are about one and a half hours in length and are a must to see.

Puerto Madero recycled docks facing the River Plate where you can find first-line shops and restaurants, together with the most modern buildings in the city. Crystal Towers is where the most important companies, both national and international, are located.

San Telmo here you get to know the city's origins; narrow and cobble-stoned little streets, colonial buildings with wrought-iron railings, constructions of different styles French, English, Art Nouveau etc. Here, you will find Plaza Dorrego, where you can see a couple dancing the tango whilst you sip a cool beer or two.

Chimichurri This sauce is commonly served in Argentina with grilled beef. Great stuff to add on your Argentinian beef!
submitted by Pierre, 17/02/05

Buenos Aires Restaurants and Bars

Mainly meat, lamb, beef, chicken from the Pampas, but some Argentineans have gone veggie

Buenos Aires Restaurants

Broccolino located on Esmeralda 776; it offers a bewildering variety of pasta sauces, with service delivered by polite and English-speaking staff.

Pizzirea Guerrin found in Corrientes 1372; they sell very inexpensive slices of great fugzetta, fugaza, as well as superb empanadas, cold lager, and many desserts, all of which are mouth-watering.

Cervantes II located in Peron 1883; they serve huge portions of standard Argentinean food, beef, chicken, at really low, low, prices and it's very popular.

Morocco found in Hipolito 851; a popular place for Argentinean and other Spanish-speaking pop stars. A great place for eating and drinking at a very reasonable price.

Buenos Aires Bars & Clubs

Remember located on Av. Corrientes; it's basically a pub, very informal, but has great jazz bands, and sometimes, occasional live theatre.

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