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Girls Gone Wild - Buenos Aires

  • Submitted by: Linda, United States
  • Submission Date: 19th Oct 2007

Susan and I were studying abroad for 4 months in Argentina. Three of the months were in Buenos Aires. The first two months were great. We frequented cafes in the morning, had dinner in many different and interesting restaurantes. Never became involved with the hectic Buenos Aires nightlife which is both dangerous and pointless.

About our 3rd month in Buenos Aires we met 3 American girls and several of their Argentenian girlfriends. Decided to meet for dinner one night. Had a great dinner in Recoleta. They eat dinner late in Buenos Aires so we finished about 11 o´clock. Time to go home and rest up for timorrow. That is what Susan and I should have done.

The other girls wanted to stop by a bar or restaurant nearby for just a second. Ok, but just a second. The place they wanted to go was a pub/bar in Recoleta called Shoeless Joe´s El Alamo. From the outside it looks gorgeous. It occupies an entire stately old building.

I should have known something was not right. The place was way overcrowded and there were way too many girls.

Our new friends were familar with El Alamo. We didn´t find out until later that they are regulars there. After 5 minutes Susuan and I are ready to leave. Our friends say ¨¨Just a few more minutes¨¨

By this time our friends have imbibed about 10 Fernet Colas. I ask them why they have so many drinks. They tell me that drinks are free for girls at El Alamo. That is why the place is packed with young college girls.

By this time I have had enough. A building full of intoxicated girls drinking for free. This is dangerous. Susan and I don´t want to be rude but we have to go. The last we see of our new friends is them talking to a group of guys, not that cute but OK.

Susan and I vow we will never return to El Alamo again. About one week later Susan´s mother calls at 2 in the morning. Go to wake up Susan. Susan is not in bed. Call the police. She has been kidnapped. The police are worthless. I think the Three Stooges have more on the ball than they do.

Stayed up all night. Couldn´t sleep. Called Susans parents multiple times with updates. Waiting for a ransom demand.

About ten in the morning Susan opens the door. It is obvious she has been up all night. She must have escaped from her kidnappers.

But no, Susan has been at El Alamo all night. El Alamo is open 24 hours everyday. She met a cute boy from Arizona and left to go to his place about 7 in the morning. Susan claims nothing happened but I am not so sure.

For two weeks I had to check on Susan everynight about 2 o´clock to make sure she had not slipped off to El Alamo. After two weeks Susan found her own place and moved out. I am not sure why.