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Argentina Information

Population: 36.1 million

Time Zone: -3 hours GMT

Driving side: Drive on the right; International Driving Permit required + your own driving licence.

Languages: Spanish, Italian

Religion: Roman Catholic

Emergency #: Fire: 100
Police: 101
Ambulance: 107

Argentina Local Customs

Tomar un mate (drink mate). Drinking mate ( pronounced 'mah tay') is an important ritual in Argentina. Westerners fit in very well in Buenos Aires and are often offered this drink at bars and hotels.

Argentina Popular Destinations

Iguazu Fly here from Buenos Aires domestic airport (Aerolineas Argentinos). These falls lie in Parque Nacional Iguaza and are a must to see. At least 5000 cubic metres of water fall at least 70 metres per second down into the thundering cauldron below; the falls are in excess of 2 kilometres wide. Catwalks allow you to view the falls from close range so be sure to wear waterproofs the wind can carry the spray quite a distance. Look out for parrots, parakeets, orchids and Morphos butterflies.

La Boca A district of Buenos Aries famed for its tango shows and mime artists. The shows are well worth a visit and last about one and a half hours. In this area you will find many restaurants, markets, and street performers do take your camera.

Recoleta Cemetery this is where Argentina's rich lie in very grand and ornate tombs. Eva Peron is here with her family and other elite persons lie in their tombs. Organised tours come here regularly, it's open 0700 1800 hours and you can either wander around freely or join one of these tours

Moving Around Argentina

Air - 2 airlines operate, Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral, both operate domestic routes at the same price. Many of the main cities have connections only through Buenos Aires but short-haul airlines such as Southern Winds, link provincial destinations without passing through the capital. Please note that in summer and holidays, all Patagonian flights may be heavily booked therefore it's advisable to book well in advance. Look out for banda negativa where limited seats on a chosen flight every month can be bought at a 40% discount; often these flights are at night time and require advance purchase.

Bus - The bus service here covers a large chunk of Argentina's road network. They are fast, comfortable, and spacious. During holiday periods it's a good idea to buy your ticket a day before you travel; these tickets can be obtained from the town or city bus terminal. Costs are roughly US$3 per hour of journey.

Train -Trips are often longer than bus trips due to frequent delays, breakdowns, and strikes. In and around Buenos Aires the commuter routes are frequent and often on time but they can be crowded because the fares are cheaper than the buses, but you can certainly cover most of the country by this means

National festival and holidays

There are many national holidays on which government offices and businesses are closed; the list below does not include provincial holidays, which vary considerably.

May 1st Dia del Trabajador (Labour Day).
May 25th Revolucion de Mayo (May revolution of 1810).
June 10th Dia de las Malvinas (commemorates the establishment of military in Malvinas in 1829.
June 20th Dia de la Bandera (Flag Day).
July 9th Dia de la Independencia (Independence Day 1829).
August 17th Dia de San Martin (Anniversary of San Martin's death).
October 12th Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day).

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