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Green Bay Packers Football fans of all ages will enjoy watching a hard-hitting game between the Paker's and one of their many tough opponents. The stadium features exhibits, shows, and memorabilia on this beloved team. Get your tickets in advance, they tend to go quickly.

Miller Brewing Company On of the countries most famous breweries is located in Wisconsin. Lovers of Miller Beer will especially love touring the packaging and shipping centers, the enormous brew house and museum dedicated to the history of the Miller Brewing Company. Try one of the many beers being brewed here or just enjoy the sights and sounds that the complex has to offer.

Cady Cheese Factory One thing that Wisconsin is known for, other than the Packer, is their great cheese. Cheese lovers will be amazed at all the Cady Cheese Factory has to offer. Watch through the observation window as longhorn Colby, cheddar, Monterey jack, gold'n jack, hot pepper jack, veg'y jack and many more natural flavored cheeses are made right before your very eyes.

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